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Put-in-Bay Island News-Junior Dramatic Society Spring Play-The junior dramatic arts society is putting on a spring play directed by Anna Rence on May 8, 9, and 10 at 7 p.m. The play is “Cafe Murder A Dessert Theatre Murder Mystery.” By Nathan Hartswick. It is being produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc., Englewood, Colorado.” These plays put on by the islands’ local talent are always entertaining and fun, so plan now to attend one of the three performances. There is no need to bring an umbrella. The plays are performed indoors upstairs in the Town Hall Theatre.

Put-in-Bay Island News noticed dozens of white Tundra, Mute and Trumpeter Swans dead in the water or washed up on beaches around the islands, we wondered what was going on. Those who know about these things explained the birds migrate each spring. They speculate the birds may have gotten use to the mild winters we had in recent years and not gone further south. They could still feed as long at the water was open, but this winter with the cold temperatures and massive ice cover, the birds found themselves without the food they needed and starved to death. To weak to fly further south, they probably died over the winter.

Sounds like the Put-in-Bay High School Seniors had fun on their Class trip to the Caribbean. The cruised through the islands and visited Antigua, Martinique and St. Croix in the Virgin Islands. They returned to Put-in-Bay on Easter Sunday just in time to start classes the next day. Senior class trips are paid for by fundraisers such as pizza nights here on the island during the winter.

Put-in-Bay Island News can tell its Spring on Put-in-Bay. We’ve had snow and beautiful sunny summer-like days. John Ladd told us earlier this winter that he doesn’t take down his Christmas decorations and lights until the ferries start to run in the spring. We were really disappointed when he told us he took them down on April 1st. The ferries didn’t start running until Sunday, April 6th. Another island islander tradition goes down the drain!

Speaking of the first ferry- The Mike Steidl and Dee Dee Duggan family visited Washington, DC for their spring break. Mike says he stopped to see the President, but no one answered when he knocked on the door of the White House. Michele, Edward, and Ava Heineman spent some time in the Florida Keys over spring break visiting John Dodge and Bridget Wise at their home there.

Bob Gatewood tells us he’s going to Nashville in May to do a little recording. Robin Burris Cadez reports her son, Corey, one day informed her he got up in front of his class and gave a presentation. She asked him what about, and he said, “You, the wineries, and the war of 1812.” She could only imagine what he said about the wineries, which she had sure scored points with his teacher.

Kelsey Parker, the daughter of Roger and Mary Parker of Mitchell Rd., tells us she spent the winter in South America traveling to various countries. She ran into her at the Easter Egg Hunt at Perry’s Cave and she updated us even more on her plans for the future. She’ll be returning to the Boardwalk where she is a waitress for the summer, then it’s off to Austria for next winter where she will work at the International Boarding School in Salzburg where former island residents Joe and Louis Suttmann have been working the last few years. If you see her, talk German with her.

If you spent Easter weekend on the island, you should have taken time in the afternoon to attend the Eggstravaganza at the Roundhouse. One of the fun things was the Chubby Bunny contest. That’s where contestants stuff as many of those yellow peeps in their mouth and then say “Chubby Bunny.” This Easter Saturday the winner stuffed in fourteen peeps thanks to Duff Spatafore’s prodding. Ray Fogg was the emcee of the event, and when the egg toss contest got a little over-exuberant, he found himself with a broken egg mess on stage.

The Lake Erie Islands Historical Society Museum told Put-in-Bay Island News that they recently acquired some interesting items
from Steven Nemec who buys and sells Put-in-Bay memorabilia. It’s the guest book from the Maple Wood Place on Put-in-Bay. The first entry is dated May 3, 1891, and the last entry on Sept. 26, 1929. That’s 28 years. It packed full of interesting mini-stories.

Jeremy Fitzgerald who ran Mr. Ed’s and Commodore Resorts made USA Today on April 2nd. He was one of the young entrepreneurs featured in an article about business opportunities. Jeremy left Put-in-Bay to open Bar 145 in Toledo. He now has operations in Kent and Columbus. All those spring fishermen who come from the far points on the compass had to find a new spot to launch their fishing boats when they got to the island. With all the construction work going on near the village boat ramp, they had to use the small ramp at the yacht club or the one at the State Park.Put-in-Bay Island News photo of Dock Construction

Put-in-Bay Island News reports The U.S. Coast Guard’s Marblehead station made more boating under the influence arrests last year than any other Coast Guard station in the country. The station charged 67 people with boating under the influence, accounting
for half of all BUI arrests on the Great Lakes. The Marblehead Coast Guard is responsible for the Lake Erie Island area.

For those who are participating in the Kroger Community Rewards program on behalf of Put-in-Bay Community Swim/Sail Program, it’s time to refresh your account. You can now see how much your shopping at Kroger benefitted S/S in the last quarter. Amazon has implemented an individually targeted charitable giving program as well. We can turn milk and e-books into water safety education. How cool is that!


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