Put-in-Bay Diary -Sat., Dec. 1st – It’s a relatively warm day for the first day of December. Pretty darn quiet on South Bass Island!

Put-in-Bay Diary -Sun., Dec. 2nd – Rain falls on the island during the morning hours. The Put-in-Bay Arts Council holds an Open House. Frieda Baer hosts dinner guests at her home.

Put-in-Bay Diary -Mon., Dec. 3rd – The Put-in-Bay Village Council meets on this really foggy morning. There’s a Martini Monday party for some of the island ladies at Cathy VanLiere’s home.

Put-in-Bay Diary -Tues., Dec. 4th – There’s a lot of excitement as the Christmas Holiday Bazaar takes place at the South Bass Island Lighthouse. The Butterfly House gift shop is also open and so is the resale shop for holiday shopping.

Put-in-Bay Diary-Wed., Dec. 5th – The island’s new Cookbook Club takes place at Simona Michael’s Ahoy B&B.

Put-in-Bay Diary- Thurs., Dec. 6th – The OWLS (Old Women’s Literary Society) holds its Christmas gathering at the home of Annie Parker on Catawba Ave.

Fri., Dec. 7th – David Hill opens Topsy Turvey’s for the weekend.

Sat., Dec. 8th – Miller Ferry runs two post-season trips to Middle Bass.

Sun., Dec. 9th – Santa shows up at the Community Holiday Dessert Social at the school gym and distributes gifts to all the good little island girls and boys. The selection of desserts is spectacular.

Mon. Dec. 10th – The Put-in-Bay Village Council meets. Among the topics discussed is a rezoning of three properties just east of Perry’s Monument. The issues are complicated and present a quandary for council members.

Tuesday, Dec. 11th – Put-in-Bay Village’s employees and elected officials have a Christmas party at the new home of Joy and Chris Cooper. For those who didn’t get enough to eat there, the Lake Erie Islands Chapter of the Black Swamp Conservancy has its annual holiday potluck at the South Bass Island Lighthouse.

Wed., Dec. 12th – It’s Euchre night at Tipper’s. There’s work going on at the lot next to Tony’s Garage.

Thurs., Dec. 13th – At lunchtime, six islanders were eating at the Vietnamese restaurant in Sandusky. Later in the afternoon, five islanders were shopping at Sam’s Club. It’s time to get stuff like this in before the ice comes in.

Fri., Dec. 14th – The 2nd Annual “Ullr Fest” takes place on the waterfront near the Boardwalk! Deep-fried turkey, fireworks and lots of open container violators!

Sat., Dec. 15th – Jeff Niese finds a two-tailed quarter at the carry out while going through a roll of quarters. Tipper’s has its Christmas Party. John Dodge, Bridget Wise, and Lisa Brohl head to Green Island to conduct a bird count there.

Sun., Dec. 16th – It’s a cloudy, but calm day in the high 40’s. Great day to take part in the annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count, rake leaves or take a dog for a walk. Daniel Niese is bartending for the Browns Backers party at Tipper’s. Frieda Baer has guests at her home for a Solstice dinner. Mon., Dec. 17 – Put-in-Bay’s students present their annual music concert at School in the evening.

Tues., Dec. 18th – The Holiday Brunch takes place at the Senior Center. Ally, Erin and Zoly Urge and Tommy Chrysler are baking cookies at Suzie Chrysler’s house. NOAA Weather is calling for gale winds for the island area for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Wed., Dec. 19th – Workers are busy on Carl Krueger’s new hangar at the airport. Other workers are busy on the foundation on the lot next to Tony’s Garage.

Thurs., Dec. 20th – Susan Hahn Thwaite has a Holiday Indoor Garage Sale at her house. The Island General Store has its Christmas party.

Fri., Dec. 21st – This is the day the world is supposed to end according to the Mayan calendar. Snow is in the air, but it’s not sticking to the ground. Peter Huston is substituting at Put-in-Bay School on the last day before Christmas vacation.

Sat., Dec. 22nd – Sue Thwaite wakes up in the morning and took the ferry to the mainland to shop for a new Mayan calendar.

Sun., Dec. 23rd – Mark Wilhelm makes his last trip from Catawba in his boat. He finds ice forming around the docks when he arrives at Put-in-Bay

Mon., Dec. 24th – Mother Mary Staley from St. Paul’s Episcopal Church flies from South Bass Island to North Bass Island to conduct serves at the church there.

Tues., Dec. 25th – Having Christmas dinner together are Linda Mahony, Jeanne Burgess, DJ Parker, Suzette Luecke, Geoffrey Luecke, Linda Parker, Meredith Engel, Christie Ontko, Tim Luecke, Jeanette Parker and Annie Parker

Wed., Dec. 26th – Miller Boat Line runs two trips in the morning then quits for the big snow and wind storm which starts falling right after lunch.

Thurs., Dec. 27th – Ferry operations resume in the afternoon.

Fri., Dec. 28th – The last ferry trips of the season are made. Did you get your mainland car off the island? The Island Band plays at Tipper’s.

Sat., Dec. 29th – A wet snow blankets the islands, but no ice in the lake. Sisters Tanya Burgess Bender and Tracy Burgess visit their cousin Dee Dee Duggan for some quality holiday time with all their children.

Sun., Dec. 30th – Mike Steidl slips on the steps at his residence, and disregarding is own safety, miraculously saves the iPad and iPhone he is carrying.

Mon., Dec. 31st – Speaking of Mike Steidl, he and his bride, Dee Dee, host a most-of-the-day New Year’s party at their home filled with cheer and children. For the first time in many years, there is a New Year’s Dance upstairs in the Town Hall. This rekindled island tradition benefits the Put-in-Bay Volunteer Fire Department and renovation of the historic Town Hall.