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Put-in-Bay Resort Expansion

What’s New 2016 At Put-in-Bay?

Whats New 2016 Well, there hasn’t been a year in the history of Put-in-Bay that there isn’t something new to report about, and 2016 isn’t any different, except this may go down as a banner year for “what’s new.” First Up is the Put-in-Bay Brewing Co. in the brick building just south of the Town Hall on Catawba Ave.

Owners Carl and Chris Krueger started a massive renovation on the property last fall and have worked all winter to get their popular enterprise back in operation for this coming season. They figured a renovation was in order since they’re celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. Not only has the exterior been changed, but the beautiful beer brewing tanks have been moved upstairs, and the downstairs will be all new when completed.

At the corner of Loraine and Erie Streets, you’ll find a new 30-room addition to  Put-in-Bay Resort and Conference Center by Mark Mathys, making it Put-in-Bay’s most prominent resort. Work on this has been ongoing since last fall.

Just out of town at the corner of Concord Ave. and Langram Rd. You’ll find a new condo development that is being built for owners who want to enjoy the island but don’t want short-time rentals. Banyon Cove offers much-needed housing for everyone, from boaters who have given up their boats but still want to be on the island to young islanders who work on the island and need a place to live.

The Put-in-Bay Condo project on the lake at the old Skyway property is by far the biggest project on the island this year. There are 26 three-bedroom units with large balconies having views over the lake. This should be a popular place for those looking for larger, upscale accommodations on the island.

If you have been down to Fox’s or Duggan’s Dock, better known as the Jet Dock, you find the parking area there is being changed from asphalt to concrete. We’re looking forward to the opening of the Crew’s Nest’s adult pool located between the clubhouse and their larger pool on Victory Ave. Landscaping work was ongoing in April, plus some early birds even put out some lounge chairs on the deck next to the pool.

Sadly, some new things are not necessarily for the best, but still necessary. Two large Pin Oaks on the Monument property had to be removed in April. Officials say they hated to take the trees down, but unfortunately, they were diseased and interfering with utility lines. The corner will definitely take on a new look. Information.

Out at the Lime Kiln Dock, crews have been busy working on a new taxi and bus loading area across the street next to Island Bike Rental. Also, E’s Carts are no longer replaced with E Carts in the exact location. While at the Lime Kiln, stop at Dockside and check out the new Put-in-Bay Ferry schedule T-shirts. One of the new things on the island which caught our eye is the new garage Joey Wolf is putting up behind the Anchor Inn. Upstairs will be an office. Roger Miller is doing the work, which makes for a good match with the house.

Realtor Rudy Cooks has opened an office in the terminal at Put-in-Bay Airport. Island Hardware has 500 new hardware items this year. We hear there are new owners, Kim and Steve Snyder, at Del Sol at Harbor Square, plus other things will happen at Harbor Square this summer. More details to come. Keith and Michele Blumensaadt have opened Axel’s Waterfront Cafe at the South Bass Island State Park. It was formally Joe’s Darn Good Food.

Whats New 2016 At Middle Bass Island?

The Boardwalk will no longer operate the Sonny-S ferry to and from Middle Bass. This year John Schneider will take over the operation. Stay tuned for a few changes in the schedule.


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