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April 2018

March 2018 Put-in-Bay News

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Put-in-Bay News for March 2018 Get ready to put your ATV away this summer! Put-in-Bay Island ATV owners will no longer be able to operate their vehicles on the island once a new ordinance is passed this spring. The new law will allow ATVs to be operated only from November 1st through April 30th. It also applies [...]

Diary February 2018

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Put-in-Bay Diary- Thurs., Feb. 1st - Karen Wilhelm is substituting for her husband Mark processing freight at the Put-in-Bay Airport terminal. Shawn Dages hauls in a huge walleye worthy of a spot over any mantel. Put-in-Bay Diary -Fri., Feb. 2nd - St Paul’s youth join the youth from across the Diocese at the annual Winter Convocation [...]

School News March 2018

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School News for March 2018. The  2017-18 Put-in-Bay Panther Basketball was another successful season. For the first time in six years, there was a girls’ basketball team. LaurenPeter led the girls’ team to a 4-1 record. The boys finished with a 7-6 record. They were led by Blake and Jack Booker, scoring 27 ppg and 13 [...]

March 2018

Put-in-Bay Tunnel to Open Sunday

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Put-in-Bay Tunnel Entrance Port Clinton Side Just in time for expected record Easter Sunday crowds, the highly anticipated Put-in-Bay Tunnel will open for traffic on Sunday, April 1st at 6:00 am. The 15 million dollar 4-year Put-in-Bay Tunnel project is expected to accommodate over 125,000 cars each of the peak summer months of the Lake [...]

Celebrate Love with a Put-in-Bay Bachelorette Party!

By | 2018-03-26T23:24:09+00:00 March 26th, 2018|Categories: Party Ideas|Tags: , |

Marriage is worth celebrating—and how better to rejoice than with a Put-in-Bay bachelorette party? Gather your closest friends, and bond over newfound love in Put-in-Bay—Ohio’s small-town, big-fun island paradise! With so much to do in Put-in-Bay, good times are guaranteed for all. Why Have a Bachelorette Party? A bachelorette party can be many things: a wild [...]

48 Hours at Put-in-Bay Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

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Two friends getting married! How I picked the perfect Ohio Bachelor and Bachelorette party location and planned both! With all the things to do in Ohio, planning not one but BOTH, the Bachelor and Bachelorette party seemed a larger than life task! Where to start? How could I find some great Bachelor and Bachelorette party ideas in Ohio? [...]

Things to do in Ohio | Explore the Best Ohio Tourist Attractions

By | 2018-04-29T03:16:45+00:00 March 23rd, 2018|Categories: Travel Tips|Tags: , , , , , , |

There are so many attractions and things to do in Ohio! At nearly 45,000 square miles, this midwestern state has lots to offer, from outdoor adventures and island getaways to roller coasters, art, and music. Stick with us—we’re going to explore the best Ohio tourist attractions, on and off the beaten path! Places to Visit in [...]

7 Can’t Miss Things To Do In Put-in-Bay

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Looking for seven can’t-miss things to do in Put-in-Bay—or just a romantic weekend getaway? Put-in-Bay offers a wide variety of exciting activities! We've compiled a list of seven that stand out from recent road trips to Put-in-Bay, Ohio. Plan a day trip, or stay overnight to make the most of what this beautiful island has to [...]

February 2018

Put-in-Bay Churches February 2018

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Church News from St. Paul ’s: St. Paul’s Annual Meeting – January 21st Members of St. Paul’s churches gathered for worship and our Annual Meeting following our worship service. The annual meeting approved the budget for the coming year and elects new officers for the church vestry. Officers of the vestry can serve up to two [...]

Put-in-Bay Diary January 2018

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Put-in-Bay Diary Monday Jan.1st While many islanders are just getting up and enjoying a cup of coffee, one of the Crew’s Nest workers is out checking the bubblers on the docks to keep the ice from heaving them. Put-in-Bay Diary Tues., Jan. 2nd - In the morning the temperature is 5 degrees with wind speed at [...]

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