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Put-in-Bay Church News November 2017 New From Local Churches

FOOD PANTRY IS PREPARING FOR WINTER St. Paul’s Church has offered a food pantry for 12 years. Each year the Put-in-Bay community looks for ways to lend a hand to those who may need some assistance. Unlike the food pantries on the mainland, the system is anonymous. We do not ask for any information from the people who use this island resource. Once again, many of our summer residents have donated food to the pantry before closing their cottages for the winter.

Other contributions to canned foods have come from various community events. The pantry had also received financial donations from groups and individuals. The current coordinator is Doraine Toms, who St. Paul’s Outreach Committee assists. They work together to make sure supplies are purchased before the boats stop running and to keep a variety of items on the shelves. Doraine has volunteered to coordinate the pantry for six years; prior to that, Gay Pippert Ladd was the coordinator. We appreciate all these ladies have done to establish and expand this community resource, as well as all of the contributions we’ve received over the years.

In addition to the Food Pantry at St. Paul’s, Mother Mary has a “Discretionary Fund” that may assist residents in other ways. Please contact her about other kinds of assistance available to Put-in-Bay residents. From time to time, we received requests from people who were not on the island. We try to refer them to the myriad programs available through churches and community agencies near their homes.

201st DIOCESAN COUNCIL MEETING-St. Paul’s elected three delegates and three alternates to attend the Diocese of Ohio’s Annual Convention in Cleveland. This year’s gathering culminates the 200th Anniversary of the formation of our Diocese. The convention will include a festival Eucharist with more than 800 Episcopalians from Ohio attending. Presiding Bishop Michael Curry will join the Diocese in Cleveland. Kira Hubner, St. Paul’s Senior Warden, will join 84 other Senior Wardens and all diocesan Clergy for lunch, honoring the work of our parishes as we seek to share the Gospel in all places.

Mella Davies served as the Bicentennial Missioner, coordinating several special 200s at Put-in-Bay. She and all the other church missioners will be recognized at the convention. St. Paul’s met the challenge, too, with things to honor the 200th by collecting and distributing 200 pairs of socks to a homeless shelter, gathering 200 cups of pull tabs for Ronald McDonald House in Cleveland, collecting 200 pill bottles for the Diocesan Mission in Belize which grew tenfold – we sent over 2000 pill bottles! The parish distributed 200 bottles of water at the Put-in-Bay graduation, and the youth attending Diner Days gave 200 bees to Bellwether Farm in Wakeman.

Of all the projects, St. Paul’s will continue to collect Pull Tabs, which may be dropped off at the church or the parish office. The other people who will attend the convention from St. Paul’s are Valerie Chornyak, Amy Houston, Paula Hubner, Mary Ann Meyers, and the Rev. Mary L. Staley. The delegates can vote on the only two pieces of convention business being brought forward this year.

One is an important resolution on our Diocesan Commitment Racial Reconciliation which outlines the expectation for our leader’s anti-racism training and encourages all Episcopalians to attend as well. Rev. Staley was one of several people who drafted this resolution. The second resolution is the annual clergy compensation resolution which recommends maintaining current compensation in 2018 (no COLA increases). Several of our delegates will also be part of the convention choir. Our delegates are proud to represent St. Paul’s Episcopal Church this year.

Mother of Sorrows-We will be starting PSR/CCD classes for our younger members on Tuesday, November 7, in the Corner Stone Room from 3:30 to 4:15 P.M. Mother of Sorrows Church will be holding its “Religious Education Kick-Off” on Tuesday, November 7th from 3:30 to 4:15 p.m. in the Cornerstone Room. All students (and parents/guardians) are invited to meet with Deacon Mike for refreshments and an introduction to this year’s program. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Deacon Mike at 419-285- 2741 Parish Office, Cell 1-828-284-6261, or e-mail deaconmike@live.com.

South Bass Island Thanksgiving Service will be at Mother of Sorrows at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, Nov 20th. This tradition has taken place on South Bass Island since the mid-1800s. Mother Mary from St. Paul Episcopal Church will be assisting with the service. Pastor Jim from St. John at the Bay Lutheran Church has been invited. All folks from South Island are WELCOME. See you on the 20th. See the Island Calendar for dates and times of church services


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