Island Diary December 2014
Put-in-Bay Diary– Mon., Dec. 1st – In a rare evening meeting of the Village Council there is a discussion about talking to the Ottawa
County Sheriff about taking over police protection from the Put-in-Bay police department. Todd Navarre is on the last ferry
returning to the island and takes photos of the sun setting to the southwest.

Put-in-Bay Diary -Tues., Dec. 2nd – One of Patty Bauer’s snow globes turns up missing about dinner time at Tipper’s. There’s talk
of holding it for ransom. Joan Rhoad, Jeff Koehler, Don and Sue Thwaite and Jen Booker are spotted at Sam’s Club in

Put-in-Bay Diary – Wed., Dec. 3rd – Patty Bauer posts she’ll buy the first 40 oz. beer today for a safe return of her snow globe.

Put-in-Bay Diary- Thurs., Dec. 4th – There’s something seriously wrong with the cell phone service on the island. Everyone seems
to be having phone problems. Cell phone users are getting “Welcome to Canada” messages on their phones. The Christmas Bazaar takes place at the Town Hall. There’s an Open House at Monument. Superintendent Blanca Stransky delights everyone by having the Monument illuminated with green and red lights.

Put-in-Bay Diary- Fri., Dec. 5th – A barge load of stone arrives at the Lime Kiln for dock work going on there. It’s Ladies Night at Island Hardware. The bourbon balls are a wonderful treat. New infield dirt arrives for the island ball field on Concord Ave. across from the school. If anyone is interested in helping offset the costs, please send whatever you may be able to: Lake Erie Island’s Men’s League, c/o Marsha Parker, Box 207, Put-in-Bay, OH 43456. Thanks!!!

Put-in-Bay Diary- Sat., Dec. 6th – The island is busy as usual. There are basketball games at the school gym, plus the cookie exchange in the school library. In the evening, Glenn Cooper and Jackie Taylor host a Moonlight party. Those in attendance are able to take a look at the moon through Gene Zajac’s telescopes set up on the shoreline.

Put-in-Bay Diary- Sun., Dec. 7th – Ferryboats leave from the downtown dock as winds hamper the use of the east side of the Lime Kiln Dock.

Put-in-Bay Diary – Mon., Dec, 8th – The Put-in-Bay Village Council votes for a $765,000 2015 budget for the police department. The Black Swamp Conservancy holds it annual Christmas Potluck at South Bass Island Lighthouse.

Put-in-Bay Diary -Tues., Dec. 9th – Workers are busy at the Lime Kiln dock matching up the stern of the ferry with the new ramp extension that is under construction. Miyah Uszak celebrates her 5th birthday.

Wed., Dec. 10th – The usual Wednesday night Euchre games are played at Tipper’s.

Thurs., Dec. 11th – Problems with ice on the ferry boat decks delay the last morning boat from being run. In the afternoon, the Village of Put-in-Bay holds its staff Christmas Party. There’s a party for some of the island ladies at Cathy Van Liere’s home. Anita and Mike McCann host a Tom and Jerry employee party for those from the Round House, Park Hotel and Misty Bay.

Fri., Dec. 12th – Pre-school teacher Linda Rence hosts the Put-in-Bay School staff Christmas party at her home. The Reel Bar is packed with “potluckers,” not to be confused with potlickers.

Sat,, Dec. 13th – Tipper’s annual Christmas Party is one of the fun events. Marv Booker and Pat Thwaite host friends, Kendra and
Jeff Koehler and Mary and Roger Parker at their East Point home for a lovely holiday dinner. Ray and Laura Fogg host a Christmas Party for the Put-in-Bay pilots association before heading to the Reel Bar to see Bob Gatewood play. Chef John in the kitchen cooking up some great food for the EMS and Fire Department Christmas party at the Fire Station and Put-in-Bay center.

Mon., Dec. 15th – The Bass Islands’ largest Interfaith activity of the year, the “Ullr Fest,” took place on the waterfront between boardwalk and A-Dock. Ullr is the Norse God of ice and snow. The festive gathering included a potluck, the arrival of Ullr …….prayers led by Mother Mary Staley from St. Paul’s and Jeremy Hollingshead from St. Johns @ the Bay and the burning of a sacrificial pig on the water just offshore. There was also a soup and dessert meeting at the Town Hall to discuss the proposed user fee increase at Perry’s Monument. Sharon Duggan and George Stoiber presented a presentation at the Senior Center about their trip to Russia.

Tues., Dec. 16th – The Senior Center’s holiday luncheon takes place at noon and the student holiday concert takes place at the school in the evening.

Wed., Dec. 17th – It’s Euchre night at Tipper’s. Gabriela Kaplan hosts a party at her airport home. It’s Joey Wolf’s birthday.

Thurs., Dec. 18th – Miller Boat Line’s island employees celebrate Christmas with a party at the Reel Bar.

Fri., Dec. 19th – Tree trimmers who have been working in DeRivera Park for several days are finishing up cutting limbs. The park really looks different with all the dead wood gone.

Sat., Dec. 20th – There’s skim ice around the Crew’s Nest docks in the Bay. Mrs. Claus hosts more than a dozen kids at the Senior Center. They are treated to a pancake breakfast, a Christmas movie and cookie decorating and eating.

Sun., Dec. 21st – Christie Ontko takes a winter solstice walk. Kendra Koehler opens the ReSale Shop for those islanders who must nurture their shopping fix. Kelly Mohn is out delivering pumpkin rolls.

Mon., Dec. 22nd – The Island General Store Christmas party is where it’s at in the afternoon. Desserts, appetizers and ‘delicious’ punch add to the fun of all the drawing prizes given out.

Tues., Dec. 23rd – The Miller Boat Line hands pose for a Christmas picture on the ramp at the Lime Kiln before the first ferry leaves in the morning.

Wed., Dec. 24th – The day starts with a thick fog and ends with a tad bit of wind. On North Bass Island a Christmas Service is conducted with 100% of islanders in attendance.

Thurs., Dec. 25th – It’s Christmas on the island. What more can we say than Merry Christmas to all.

Fri., Dec. 26th – Anne Auger and her mother, Jeanne Hildebrandt, are spotted shopping on the mainland at the Walmart in Avon Lake just west of Cleveland. The ferry schedule goes to four trips per day.

Sat., Dec. 27th – Marsha Parker, Roger and Mary Parker and Jeff Koehler take down the Rec Committee’s Christmas decorations in DeRivera Park. Two people are seen on a jet ski in the harbor. Kelly Mohn is celebrating her 50th birthday with a party at Tipper’s.

Sun., Dec. 28th – For late December, there is an exceptionally beautiful sunset.

Mon., Dec. 29th – Ken Benjamin from Stonehenge was driving on Route 163 by the Port Clinton Airport and saw a plane crash 100 yards in front of him. He rushed to the scene, but the pilot perished in the crash

Tues., Dec. 30th – Bob Gatewood’s new video and recording of Friends of the Bay is released on the Internet.

Wed., Dec. 31st – There’s a bit of ice forming around some of the docks in the harbor. The bank closes an hour earlier than usual. Islanders are out on the town at Tipper’s, the Reel Bar and Topsy Turvey’s celebrating the Bob Gatewood’s New Recording of his Island Classic is Now Available at or at Your Favorite Online Music Site.