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Put-in-Bay, Ohio

Jet Express Ferry

The Fastest Way To Put-in-Bay!

The Only Late Night Downtown Service!

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Photo Of Jet Express Ferry to Put-in-Bay

The Jet Express Ferry To Put-in-Bay!

First-class ferry service from Port Clinton, Sandusky, Cedar Point, and Kelleys Island To Put-in-Bay!


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Jet Express Ferry offers departures from Port Clinton and Sandusky, Ohio, to Put-in-Bay and Kellys Islands and the world-famous Cedar Point amusement park.

Once you have arrived on the island, you can pick up your Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rentals and see the island.

The Jet Express Ferry is the ONLY ferry to service the Lake Erie Islands with…

• Late-night trips – the only ferry to run after 9:30 pm offering guests the maximum value to enjoy Put-in-Bay’s Vibrant Nightlife.

• Direct service to downtown – the only ferry to drop off in downtown Put-in-Bay, the other ferry drops off 3 miles away and requires a bus or taxi into town.

• First-class amenities – only ferry boat with onboard restrooms, indoor/ outdoor comfy seating, and more.

From the moment you arrive at your selected departure point, you’ll realize the Jet Express ferry is a first-class experience – from the parking lot to the island:

  • Secure parking lots for your vehicle
  • Luggage assistance on and off the Ferry
  • Wheelchair, stroller, bicycle,  and pet-friendly
  • JETBAR at Port Clinton dock – enjoy refreshments before or after the ride in a waterfront setting
  • A sleek, aerodynamic boat makes for a smooth, comfortable ride.
  • On-board restrooms
  • Comfortable indoor/outdoor seating.
  • Narrated tour to the islands.
Photo Of The Jet Express Cabin
Photo Of The Jet Express Ferry Running
Photo Of Jet Express Passengers Departing

Jet Express Services:

  • Daily service departing from Port Clinton and Sandusky to Put-in-Bay, Kelleys Island, and Cedar Point.
  • Special Jet Express Ferry excursions – from bird watching to fireworks, an exciting adventure awaits aboard the Jet Express.

Click Here For The Jet Express Schedule

Buy Your Jet Express Ferry Boat tickets Online Today. Great Options For Everyone:

• Timed tickets will secure your seat at a specific date and time – recommended for peak times like Saturdays during the summer.

• Special packages are a one-stop-shop for your island needs – Jet tickets, golf cart, entertainment – bundle and save.

• Gift cards are the perfect present for families, friends, or anyone else who loves Put-in-Bay and Kellys Island vacations.

• Season passes are the perfect savings solution for your addiction to island getaways.


For additional information on the Jet Express schedules, visit their website or call 1-888-245-1JET (1538)

The Jet Express Experience

Experience the excitement of traveling to South Bass Island Put-in-Bay with Jet Express Ferry service, where the journey itself is a delightful part of the adventure. Sit back and relax as you enjoy a narrated tour highlighting the islands’ fascinating history.

Jet Express Ferry boasts state-of-the-art all-aluminum catamarans that are approved for ocean travel. These ferries are among the fastest and most reliable in the world, reaching speeds of over 40 mph. With a sleek twin-hull design, they can glide through all types of weather conditions with unparalleled smoothness.

The triple-deck layout provides magnificent views from the open-air observation deck or the two elegantly furnished passenger lounges, featuring tinted windows, carpeted floors, and comfortable seating.

Jet Express Ferry offers the only early morning and late night services to downtown Put-in-Bay, ensuring convenient, comfortable, and dependable transportation to your island getaway. In addition, during the summer, Jet Express also travels from Put-in-Bay to Kelleys Island and Cedar Point.

Top Ten Reasons To Ride The Jet Express Ferry

Fast and convenient: The Jet Express is the quickest way to get to Put-in-Bay, taking only 25 minutes to cross Lake Erie.

Secure parking: The Jet offers a secure parking lot directly across from their port location.

Various ticket options: The Jet offers a range of ticket options, including one-way, round-trip, and season passes.

Island adventure packages: The Jet offers adventure packages that include a combination of ferry ride food options.

Affordable pricing: The Jet Express offers affordable pricing for their ferry rides, with discounts available for children and infants.

Multiple trips per day: The Jet  offers multiple trips to and from Put-in-Bay each day, making it easy to plan your itinerary.

Convenient locations: The Jet has convenient locations in Port Clinton and Put-in-Bay, making it easy to access and explore the island.

Pet-friendly: Jet Express allows pets on their ferries, making it easy to bring your furry friends along for the adventure.

Comfortable seating: The Jet  offers comfortable seating options on their ferries, including inside and outside seating.

Friendly staff: Jet Express staff are friendly and accommodating, making your ferry ride a pleasant experience.


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Mary Ann S.

The Jet Express Ferry ride from Sandusky to Put-in-Bay sounds like a fun and scenic way to get to the island. While it is a bit pricey at a $40 round trip, it offers a comfortable ride with indoor seating and plenty of space for passengers. The boat makes stops at Cedar Point and Kelley's Island, which is known for being a more peaceful and nature-focused destination. The boat leaves every 15-30 minutes starting at 9:15 am, and the last return boat from Put-in-Bay is around ten or 10:15 pm. Taking the 7:45 pm boat back allows passengers to enjoy a beautiful sunset over the lake, but it can be a bit breezy, so a light sweater is recommended. Once on the island, there are plenty of fun activities and attractions to enjoy, including ice cream, shopping, a park, mini-golf, mazes, and more.

Larry P.

Opting for the Sandusky location, my spouse and I took the Jet Express for our trip instead of departing from Port Clinton. The site offers complimentary parking for day excursions and the opportunity to explore Cedar Point, Kelly's Island, and Put-in-Bay. As avid cruisers, we discovered that Jet Express is a popular mode of transportation to and from the Erie Islands, with a luggage rack available for travelers relocating to or from Ohio's North Coast. The name Jet Express is fitting since it reaches a cruising speed of nearly 40 mph on the lake. The lower deck provides comfortable seating, wide mirrors, and restroom facilities. While the upper deck permits outdoor seating, it necessitates facing the stern. Personally, I prefer seeing where I'm headed. Additionally, the lower deck seating has the added advantage of allowing one to enjoy the fantastic spray produced by the boat engines when situated aft.

Although Jet Express is relatively costly, it is well worth the expense, particularly if one intends to rent a golf cart for exploring any of the Lake Erie islands.

Harold C.

The Jet Express is a ferry service located on Lake Erie that efficiently transports passengers to Put In Bay on South Bass Island in approximately 25 minutes. They also provide service to Kelleys Island. The ferry offers various options, including one-way, round-trip, and season passes. They have a secure parking lot across from the port, but it comes with an additional daily fee. During our trip, we found the round-trip adult fare (17 years and above) to be $34, with lower rates for younger passengers.

Alice F.

In my personal experience, I have used both ferry services and have no complaints about either. However, I found Jet Express to be faster and more comfortable. I particularly enjoyed sitting on the open-air upper deck, feeling the sun and cool breeze as we sped across Lake Erie. The convenience of being dropped off near the main area of Put-in-Bay/South Bass Island, with its abundance of shops, restaurants, and bars, was a definite plus. If you're not planning on exploring the island, you could easily skip renting a golf cart and walk to all your food and drink destinations. But if you do need a golf cart, they are available for rent online before you arrive from the Put-in-Bay Golf carts website. Jet Express is ideal for a day trip, allowing you to maximize your time on the island. I recommend purchasing tickets in advance to ensure you get your desired time slot and avoid any potential disappointment.

Helen V.

We appreciated the frequent Jet Express Ferry trips to and from Put In Bay, and the ferry's schedule was well-organized. The Port Clinton and Put In Bay locations are especially convenient, with the latter dropping passengers in the heart of the town. We had no issues walking to our hotel, even with our luggage. The ferry is accessible to individuals with wheelchairs, strollers, bicycles, and pets. Passengers can handle their own luggage or opt for free luggage handling services provided by the ferry. The ferry has three decks, with indoor seating on the first and second decks and outdoor seating on the third deck, providing excellent views of Lake Erie. The captain's commentary during the journey about the lake and the islands was a nice touch. The staff at the ticket booth, luggage area, and onboard were friendly and accommodating. Although food and drink are not allowed on the ferry, there is a bar located at the Jet Express lot that serves cocktails. We loved the ferry's convenience, security, and speed and would definitely use it again.

Lisa C.

The jet boats provided by Jet Express are new and lavish, with the ability to reach speeds of up to 40 mph. These boats run frequently, from early in the morning until late into the night, and offer a comfortable indoor seating area as well as a bar. There are three levels on the boat, providing ample space for passengers. A parking lot is conveniently located across from the docks. Restrooms at both ports are clean and easily accessible. It is important to note that return tickets must be purchased in advance, but they can be exchanged if plans change, provided that passengers arrive early enough to secure a seat. jet express tickets are available online

Jill C.

We took two ferries to visit both islands, utilizing the free parking options in Sandusky instead of the paid parking in Port Clinton. The cost for roundtrip adult tickets ranges from $33-40 depending on the departure and destination locations, with a cost of $6-9 for children over six and free for younger children. The service was prompt and on time. Seating options include both indoor and outdoor areas on the ferry, but it is recommended to line up early for outdoor seating. When purchasing tickets, travelers must select their return times carefully, as later trips often sell out, and exchanging times is not possible. Food and drink are available onboard, and there are restroom facilities.The only issue we encountered was the inability to purchase the Put-in-Bay Island Fun pack at the ticket booth, despite being previously informed that it was possible. Instead, we had to wait until we reached the island to obtain the package.

Gerald C.

We got an excellent deal on a package that included two round-trip tickets on any weekday. We caught the first Jet Express ferry of the day at 8:30 am, which was not crowded. The ticket attendant quickly provided us with our tickets and answered our questions. I suggest arriving at least 10 minutes early to purchase tickets and board the boat since they leave promptly at the scheduled departure time. The ferry ride to Put in Bay took about 30 minutes, and sitting on the top deck offering breathtaking views of the island. Although it was a bit chilly and windy in September, it was worth it for the stunning sights. The ferry ride also allowed us to see the Benson Ford houseboat, which is only visible from the water. The boat was immaculately clean, the staff was friendly, and they even allowed us to change our departure time from 11 pm to 9:30 pm. The Jet Express is highly recommended!

Steven H.

As an enthusiastic camper, I prefer staying at the state park on the island. The stunning view is worth every penny spent. However, the "cliff" sites are limited and can only be booked six months in advance, so I usually wake up early, around 7 am, to secure our spot. There is so much to do on the island, but downtown can get a bit rowdy at night. Fortunately, the campgrounds are serene and peaceful. Based on the many reviews, there are numerous activities to keep everyone entertained, regardless of their age. It's a resort, so the prices are steep, but online coupons are available for restaurants and rentals. We always ride the Jet Express Ferry to Put-in-Bay. jet express 2023 schedule is posted now!

Anna F.

When I used to live in Ohio in the '90s, I frequently took the Jet Express from Port Clinton to Put-in-Bay. Recently, after a 25-year hiatus, I decided to take the trip again. Unfortunately, it was a warm and humid day, but still thrilling, with the wind blowing through my hair. However, the experience is even better on a cool and dry day. I remember paying around $35 for the round trip, which takes about half an hour each way. The Jet Express has three decks, and the top deck offers the best views of the lake and the most wind. They also operate from Sandusky, and some rides go to or stop at Kelley's Island. It's a great way to start and end your day in Put-in-Bay, and I'm pleased that it still runs.

Belinda S.

The best thing about Jet Express is its flexibility; even if you've made a reservation for a specific return time, you can change it if your plans change. The ferry runs from 8:30 am until 11 pm or later. Note that no purchases are available onboard, but you can grab a drink dockside at Port Clinton. Bathrooms are public and clean on board, and at each dock, the journey is comfortable, and the staff is courteous. The cedar point ferry schedule makes it easy to enjoy both locations. jet express put-in-bay schedule varies by time of the year.

Sam V.

In June 2021, the Jet Express opened up its passenger ride to everyone, providing a 30-minute trip to the island of Put-In-Bay. The ferry has three decks, including a top outside deck for unobstructed views of the lake, a middle deck with indoor and outdoor seating, and a bottom deck with indoor seating. The crew offers luggage carts for those staying on the island to carry their bags on board. Mid-week trips offer better prices. Additionally, a hop-on-off tourist train stops at the dock for convenient transportation. If you're not staying in the downtown area, you'll need transportation to get around. While the ferry may be a bit pricier than other options from the mainland, it provides seats for everyone and doesn't require bringing a car. Plan on paying for parking, which costs $12 per day, and note that the entrance is on the far side of the building, not across the street.

Alan R.

For a comfortable and convenient ferry service to Put-In-Bay or Kelley's Island, the Jet Express is the way to go. Although slightly pricier than other options, it is worth the extra cost for the quality of service. The Jet Express is a Catamaran jet boat that departs from Sandusky and Port Clinton, Ohio. Boarding is a breeze, even for those with mobility challenges, as there are no steps to climb on the first level, which is ideal for passengers in wheelchairs. The boat and restrooms are always kept clean, and the staff is helpful and efficient. Opting for a slightly more expensive ticket ensures that you won't have to sit next to the engine or a garbage truck if you cannot climb the stairs to the upper deck.

Mary B.

We had an enjoyable evening planned in Put-in-Bay, and the 45-minute boat ride offered stunning views. It was thrilling to see Cedar Point from a different perspective on the water. The boat was immaculate, and we found the seating very cozy and comfortable. We sat on the open upper deck during our journey to the Bay, which was fantastic. For the return journey at midnight, we sat inside and found the cushioned seats equally comfortable. The round trip cost us around $40, which is a little expensive, but the comfort was well worth it. The friendly staff added to the experience. Although we only visited Put-in-Bay, we would certainly use this ferry service again!

The Jet Express Ferry

The Fastest Way To Put-in-Bay Downtown With Late Night Service!

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