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Put-in-Bay Diary May 2016 What Did You Miss?

Put-in-Bay Diary -Fri., Apr. 1st – It’s Caroline Conrad’s birthday, and she celebrates with friends at Tipper’s. The final 2016 championship dart league games are played at Topsy Turvey’s.

Put-in-Bay Diary-Sat., Apr. 2nd – Despite the really lousy weather and gale warnings, some from Put-in-Bay are at the Put-in-Bay
Chamber of Commerce’s Spring Fundraiser at the new Erie Social Club in Marblehead for an afternoon of fun.

Put-in-Bay Diary-Sun., Apr. 3rd – If you drove by the Monument and looked at the lake to the southeast, you would have seen it a
beautiful emerald green color, totally different from the water on the northwest side.

Put-in-Bay Diary -Mon., Apr. 4th – After a discussion concerning the “intimidation barrier” ordinance at the Village Council’s workshop meeting, Mayor McCann announces he will table the issue.

Put-in-Bay Diary -Tues., Apr. 5th – “Getting Ready for Season 2016” work is happening all over, especially at the Brewery, where the entire operation is remodeling. Billy Market warns ferry travels of some nasty weekend weather.

Put-in-Bay Diary -Wed., Apr. 6th – It rains much of the day. Put-in-Bay Taxi Service is brisk!

Put-in-Bay Diary -Thurs., Apr 7th – The crew is busy bottling 650 gallons of Sweet Catawba at Heineman Winery and Crystal Cave.

Put-in-Bay Diary -Fri., Apr. 8th – Postmaster JR Domer gets ready to go to work with a squirrel under his car’s hood. The Coast Guard is putting in the channel marker buoys in Put-in-Bay Harbor. The Reel Bar Restaurant reopens. Customers can go outside and make snowballs when they leave.

Sat., Apr. 9th – Mother Nature pulls a fast one. Not only is there snow on the ground, but the ferry boat doesn’t run the first trips in the morning. That doesn’t stop a few visitors in the afternoon from coming to the island, renting golf carts, and riding around. Dave Washtock tells us he went for a snowmobile ride on the island. Quite a few fishermen are launching their boats at the State Park. Christie Ontko is busy at Freshwater Retreat & Remedies sorting through the Birkenstocks that arrive for her shop.

Sun., Apr. 10th – It’s cold with snow and wind. Diehard fishermen from Nebraska still launch their boats at the village boat ramp and do some Put-in-Bay fishing

Mon., Apr. 11th – Over on Middle Bass, heavy equipment operators are in the process of tearing off the back of Lonz Winery.

Tues., Apr. 12th – It’s a perfect day for those spring fishermen who are now coming to the island. There are many workers at Mark Mathys new addition to the Put-in-Bay Resort.

Wed., Apr. 13th – The barge Pettit Forte goes through the island area.

Thurs., Apr. 14th – The Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce’s State of Island gathering is held at the Town Hall. Speakers give presentations about what various island organizations and government entities are doing. Bird watchers on Pelee Island’s Fish Point and in the netting area observe 48 species.

Fri., Apr. 15th – Was that Mike McCabe and Meggin Weimerskirch out on their first boat ride of the season? Amanda Goaziou is busy unloading 740 lbs of candy packed in seven big boxes for the Candy Bar. The Catawba ferry dock is loaded with walleye fishermen hauling boats to Put-in-Bay. They travel to Put-in-Bay from North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Idaho, and Wyoming, among other places.

Sat., Apr. 16th – There’s standing room only at the Put-in-Bay Twp. The building where the Port Authority holds a meeting about nighttime helicopter flights at the airport. The applicant withdrew the request for permission. At the school gym the Put-in-Bay High School Class of 2017 is holding a fundraiser mattress sale at the school gym. The Round House starts the season with a “50’s Party.” Mr. Ed’s Bar has its 10th Annual Pajama Party. Marshall Stacy is officially a teenager today.

Sun., Apr. 17th – The 2016 Season officially starts with the Whiskey Light Ceremony at the Round House. Emcee Ray Fogg conducts the ceremony with the help of Joe Suttmann and Bob Gatewood. The bar and Chicken Patio are crowded. About 40 pleasure boats are tied to the Put-in-Bay Docks in the harbor. Several area homes are for sale in a busy Put-in-Bay Real Estate Market.

Mon., Apr. 18th – The lake is flat, and the weather is mild. Marilyn Smith works on the flower beds in front of the Crew’s Nest, and Joe Ptak is doing yard work at his home on Victory Ave. The “No Wake” sign buoys have not been installed in the harbor, and one happy islander enjoys zooming his powerboat into the port and down the channel to Squaw Harbor. You sure can’t do that in July!

Tues., Apr. 19th – At 7:45 a.m., the Put-in-Bay water plant loses power. One of the scissor breakers dropped out on the main power line. Ohio Edison was contacted, and power was restored within an hour. A bird landed on the wrong spot of the breaker. In the evening, Frosty Bar and Family Pizza are serving pizza to the Gordon Food Service, who are setting up their food show at the Niagara Event Center.

Wed., Apr. 20th – Rick Messerman, the sailboater who has been coming to Put-in-Bay for more than half his life and has never been in the Round House Bar, celebrates his 70th birthday in Cleveland. Heineman Winery receives a massive shipment of bottles. Gordon Food Service has a food show at the Niagara Event Center for the island restaurateurs.

Thurs., Apr. 21st – Six of the island’s German speakers, Natalie Price, Caroline Jackson, Joe Suttmann, Jeff Koehler
And Don and Rosi Stephens meet at Topsy Turvey’s for a couple of hours of “Sprechen Sie Deutsch.”

Fri., Apr. 22nd – There’s a children’s tree planting ceremony at Mother of Sorrows in the afternoon after school. A Cleveland Pear Select is planted and blessed. The crew at Heineman Winery is bottling burgundy at Heineman Winery. We hear it’s a favorite of the 4 o’clock Club.

Sat., Apr. 23rd – Chris Ladd from the water department is getting water samples for testing. Realtor Rudy Cooks from Howard Hanna holds a “Tour Of Homes.” Buyers could tour nine homes listed by Rudy Cooks here on South Bass Island. The water temperature is 47 degrees.

Sun., Apr. 24th – Former Fox’s Den residents Dave, and Donna Stepanek, enjoy a sunny afternoon bottle of wine at Put-in-Bay Winery. It’s already their third visit to the island this season. Former Put-in-Bay police officer Todd Cox is giving an “Ohio’s Concealed Handgun Course” at the Senior Center to 20 island men and women. They also take part of the day to target shoot near the end of East Point with pistols and revolvers. The class, which cost $125, is required to obtain a concealed handgun permit in the State of Ohio.

Mon… Apr. 25th – The Wine Club group meets at the Putin- Bay Winery. Josh and Timmy Niese are finishing up remodeling
work on the restrooms at Level II.

Tues., Apr. 26th – Larry Knaser and Justin Solkiewicz are putting an additional new sewer line in front of the Goat. The Crew’s Nest is installing some new siding above the front porch.

Wed., Apr. 27th – Put-in-Bay Yacht Club manager Barb Chrysler is working in her office getting things ready for the upcoming season.

Thurs., Apr. 28th – It’s a rainy day at Put-in-Bay. The Miller ferry M/V Wm. After its 5-year USCG Inspection and Main Engine Repowering at the Great Lakes Shipyard, the market leaves Cleveland and heads back to Put-in-Bay. Ed and Paula Hubner are in England, where they visited Sir Winston Churchill’s birthplace. Laura Kirchner is busy pulling up the living room carpeting at the Kirchner cottage on Trenton Ave.

Fri., Apr. 29th – Happy Birthday to Kevin Cody! Arbor Day is being celebrated in DeRivera Park and at Perry’s Monument. If you are over at Middle Bass Island, you might see the four huge wine casks sitting below Lonz Winery Tower. The Boardwalk’s Upper Deck Restaurant opens and serves its first 400 customers of the 2016 season.

Sat. Apr. 30th – The Browns Backers’ Draft Day 5K Run/ Walk has about 100 runners. There’s a spring yard cleanup at St. Paul’s. It’s Prom night for the students at Put-in-Bay High School.


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