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Put-in-Bay News February 2019

Jer-Bear & Kurt Ice Fishing Tournament Date Changed To Mid-Feb.

News February 2019 is excellent news for those who love to fish for walleye, and you’ll want to know the date for the Jer-Bear & Kurt Ice Fishing Tournament has been changed to the third weekend in February. On Friday evening, the 15th, sign-up will take place at Topsy Turvey’s. With the chances of great ice looking extremely good, fishing will take place on Saturday, the 16th. It will be followed by the banquet at the Reel Bar at 6 p.m.

The banquet will include 50/50 Chinese and gun raffles. Contact Dan Petro (419) 341-2274 for additional information and questions. All proceeds will support the scholarship in Jeremy’s and Kurt’s names. Here are details for purchasing tickets for the gun raffle. Each ticket is $20 and must be 18 years of age to purchase. You do not need to be present to win, and the drawing is Saturday, February 16th, at The Reel Bar. You can message (Facebook) Dan and Lindsey Petro, Barb and Jeff Rohrbacher, or Kiel Rohrbacher. The only way to win is to purchase tickets.

Put-in-Bay Chocolate Fest –  Saturday, Feb. 2

The Chocolate Fest at the Put-in-Bay Library on Saturday, February 2nd, makes for News February 2019. Judge the treats and help choose the champion chocolate treat maker on the island for 2019. Donations for Friends of the Library will be accepted, proud sponsors of special programs and Summer Reading. Schedule: 10:15 a.m. Drop off your chocolate treats. From 10:30 to 11:30 a.m., sampling and voting will take place. Everyone welcome!

Put-in-Bay Spaghetti Dinner – Feb. 8

Come thick or thin ice, and the Put-in-Bay Fire Department will hold a Spaghetti Dinner at the fire station on Friday, February 8th, from 5 to 8 p.m. This will be a great way to check out the trucks and equipment and see what the department offers in an emergency. All proceeds will go towards new equipment to better serve the community.

Sloppy Joe’s Hosts the 15th Annual Put-in-Bay Music Festival

Time flies. Maybe even more so when you can keep warm with your island friends in Key West in the winter! It’s hard to believe one of the most anticipated wintertime off-island get-togethers started only 15 years ago. Sloppy Joe’s Bar in Key West, FL, will pay tribute to Put-in-Bay and our unique flavor of entertainment this February 7-9, 2019, as they host the 15th Annual Put-in-Bay Music Fest.

It’s always a blast and  News February 2019 story to see Key West virtually taken over by people wearing Put-in-Bay T-shirts as they catch up with their island friends! This year’s line-up includes Pat Shepard, That Allie Girl, Westside Steve Simmons (who’s back after several years of absence), STPete (Pete Jarvis from Pete & Wayne new band), and The Ray Fogg Show.

Pete and Ray will also host a ‘Twas the Night Before Put-in-Bay Fest jam the night before it all begins on February 6th. Many Put-in-Bay businesses support the event by providing many giveaways passed out during the last day of the Festival. If you can’t make it to the Keys for the party, you can watch the shows on Sloppy Joe’s stage cam on their website.


If you’re one of those who frequent the Goodtime I party cruises to Kelleys Island and Put-in-Bay on Friday nights in the summer, you’ll find a bit of a change this year. The cruise ship which runs their “booze cruises,” as some call them, between Memorial Day and Labor Day on Friday evenings to Kelleys Island and Put-in-Bay, will encircle and crisscross Sandusky Bay without going out into the lake to the islands.


The island’s first-year Daisies is selling Girl Scout cookies! The troop will be making door-to-door sales with older Girl Scouts’ assistance! There will also be a booth on the island in March, date and place TBD. Michelle O’Donnell is also working on setting up “Digital Cookie,” where you can pay by credit card and choose to have the cookies shipped directly to you (contact her with your email).

Put-in-Bay Islanders Traveling

News February 2019 reports, as always, this time of the year, islanders are busy traveling. Skip, and Kimberly Stoiber Morrisson were island hopping in the Caribbean. David and Kathy Kaiser-Holscott from Mitchell Rd. Spent time in Udaipur, India: A big group of island folk were on a cruise in South America.

Among them was Pauline Garsteck from the Village Bakery, Kay Drake from the West Shore, Bob, Diane Smith, and Sharon Duggan. Jack and Lorraine Zimmerman from the airport, and Roger and Joan Rhoad were in the British Virgin Islands. John and Peggy, Leopold from Victory Woods, were in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Adam and Acka Riley from Catawba Ave stopped in Iceland on their way back from Europe, where they visited Acka’s family in Macedonia. Miranda Krueger, the daughter of Carl and Chris Krueger from the West Shore, left in January for California, Hawaii, Australia, and New Zealand.

Rich and Noreen Hahn from Mitchell Rd. Visited Scott and Caroline Jackson in Perdido Key, FL. While there, they celebrated young Cal Jackson’s first birthday. Mark and Mary Myers from the South Shore were in Biloxi, Mississippi, for fun at the casinos. Mark Mathys from Put-in-Bay Resort was in Nevada, Getting Race Car Track Time at Spring Mountain Rae Course with coach fellow Indy Car Driver Richie Hearn.

News February 2019 REMEMBERS WHEN?

This past month, Mark Wilhelm went through some old files at the Put-in-Bay Fire Station and found the paperwork for the Put-in-Bay Volunteer Fire Departments’ C800 was built in 1959! The truck was a 1959 Ford with a 750-gallon tank and a 750-gallon minute pump. Joe Parker was Fire Chief, and Chester Dress was Asst. Fire Chief, The truck cost back then was $12,188 delivered to the island! The price for a new truck now is $350,000 plus!

News February 2019 Reports RARE FIND

Robin Burris Cadez reports her son, Corey, was recently on North Bass Island visiting his grandparents when he found a purple bowling ball on East Beach. That makes two bowling balls found on the NBI beaches. The last one was used for road bowling, filling booze bottles with sand for pins. How weird is it to find a bowling ball on an island beach in Lake Erie?


The Trivia Contest held one night in January at Topsy Turvey’s certainly had a great turnout! The winning team named “The Sheriff’s x&%# Kitties” comprised of bartender Andy Bruns from the Fish Bowl, Chris Murphy, the new bar manager at the Crew’s Nest, bartender James Lewis from Mr. Ed’s, Mike Edelen from the Round House, and the Sheriff, Theresa Finny took first place. Jake Market said he’s hoping to
have another contest on February 5th at 8 p.m. at Topsy Turvey’s.


Put-in-Bay’s Jackie Taylor, who managed the Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center, has take a new job at the Kelleys Island Field Station. Jackie did a wonderful job. The center is currently looking for a new manager.


Put-in-Bay’s Blake Booker, the sophomore son of Eric and Jen Booker, is attending Oak Harbor High School this year so he can play varsity basketball. Because of Ohio State High School Athletic Association transfer-student rules and regulations, Blake could play this year but can’t play the games in the last half of the season or in any post-season tournaments. After playing eleven games, he has a 10.5-point average, with a game-high score of 25 points. He also made 3-pointers in 11 games. Blake can play the entire season in his junior and senior years. There has been a lot of positive support to have him continue playing.

Appellate Court Upholds Village Tax On rental golf carts

In January, the Put-in-Bay Village Council and Mayor learned that the appellate court ruled favor of the Village in a vehicle license fee case brought by Put-in-Bay Golf Cart Rental owner Mark Mathys and Islander Inn owner Tim Niese, Sr. The lawsuit, which challenged the Village’s ordinance that taxed owners of vehicles used for transporting persons or property for hire and uses within the Village, was brought back in 2015. In brief, the appellate court accepted the Village’s argument that the ordinance imposes a tax and that the village is not preempted by Ohio law in imposing such a tax.

For those who rent vehicles within the Village, the tax for each vehicle means buses pay $300; Tour trains $225, taxis $225, bicycles $15, mopeds $37.50, and golf carts $50. Tax revenue goes into the street repair fund. Mark Mathys and Niese have until mid-February to seek an appeal to Ohio Supreme Court.




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