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Put-in-Bay News March 2010 Everything You May Have Missed!

News out of Canada is if you want a job there this summer, Pelee Island Winery has been advertising they are excepting applications from those who would like to live on Pelee Island and work at their wine pavilion for the 2010 season.

The Put-in-Bay School archery team will attend the State Archery Tournament on March 5th and 6th.

Put-in-Bay School Superintendent Steve Poe and his wife, Dawn, headed for Hawaii to visit their son over the winter break. Scott, Susan, and Gwena Market headed off on a Caribbean cruise with other islanders over the winter break. Their neighbors, Michael and Anita McCann and family, headed to Atlantis in the Bahamas for a bit of R&R from the island.

Julene Market had a dinner meeting with about 30 group tour operators one night in February to give ‘em a pitch about visiting Put-in-Bay.

Karen Goaziou was among those who headed to Put-in-Bay Days at Sloppy Joe’s in Key West. Nora and Macy Ladd had an exciting ride in the dog sled heading across the ice to the ice party at North Bass. They got stuck in a slush bank twice, and after they fell out when the sled tipped so far over in a snow bank, they switched to a 4-wheeler.

Did you know the Put-in-Bay High School Alumni Association has a Facebook page? Stop by Tipper’s Restaurant and pick the day the first ferry will run. There will be half-price drinks on that day until 9 p.m. To start clearing out his basement, Roger Parker began putting a few Put-in-Bay menus, pictures, etc., at the end of January.

In light of the earthquake in Haiti, eBay has a program to channel proceeds to various charities, so all of the proceeds are being sent to the Clinton/Bush Haiti Fund or Habitat for Humanity International. Roger is active in the local chapter of Habitat and knows they were already active in Haiti before the earthquake.

John and Paula Ladd spent some time in Puerto Rico in February. Reportedly, they were happy to come home to a yard full of snow. You might want to attend the Put-in-Bay High School French Club’s French Cuisine Brunch at the Senior Center on Sunday, March 28th. There will be two seatings, 11:30 a.m., and 12:15 p.m. Bon Appetit!

Joe and Linda Shull from Trenton Ave. recently got together with their former neighbor Pete Bialowas and John Leopold from Niagara Ave. in Florida. Are you celebrating your 40th Wedding Anniversary this year? Many on the island are. So – Walter and Sue Duff decided to get a group together for dinner this summer to celebrate. Give them a call if you would like to join in. Sue and Walter Duff – 419-285-4984. By the way, Sue now has email at her house and loves it.

February was a busy month for ongoing work on Miller Boat Line’s ferry M/V Put-in-Bay. The big news is that the ferry is now 40 feet long, but additional work on steering gear, keel coolers, and rudders in the engine room occurred this past month. An exciting report says Lake Erie has lost 125 million walleyes from the peak years in the 1980s. Most recently, the news is reporting the lake has lost 10 million walleye per year for the last three years.

Mark your calendars for this season’s Easter Egg Hunt at Perry’s Cave on Saturday, April 3rd, at 11 a.m. Don’t forget to bring your cameras for special photos with the Easter Bunny! The Easter Egg Hunt will be divided into three age groups, newborns to 3 years, 4 to 5 years, and six years to 6th grade. The island’s annual East Egg Hunt is open to everyone and sponsored by the Put-in-Bay Recreation Committee.

With news of all the snow this winter, there might be a positive impact on Lake Erie. In the last few years, the water in the Great Lakes has been lower than normal. It takes a lot of snow to help maintain their water level. So all the snow is good in that regard. It was Middle Bass Chinese food night on February 11th.

Several families at Middle Bass enjoyed fresh, hot Chinese food takeout that night! Margie Wolf and Bryan Oetting took his airplane to Port Clinton, ordered takeout, loaded it in the cooler, and made a beeline to the airport. In less than 30 minutes after the food left the wok, it was being served in a dining room at Middle Bass, still steaming hot! If this shows how folks at Middle Bass are crazy about Chinese food, think about making pizza!

Bob Schmidt is doing great at the Veterans Home. His address is Robert Schmidt, C/O Ohio Veterans Home, 3416 Columbus Ave., Sandusky, Ohio 44870. We hear he’s taking a computer class so he can get on the Internet for news. Are you a previous Miller Boat Line Season Pass Holder? The good news is you can phone in your renewal to the Miller Boat Line office, and they will mail you your new pass with your previous photo on it. Just one call does it all! Phone 419-285-2421 for details on how to purchase.

Heineman Winery and Crystal Cave Stopped the fermentation of Ice Wine one day the last week in February at 8 1/2% alcohol and put it to sleep until they get ready to bottle it sometime in the spring. They also started to work on a 600-gallon batch of Niagara

When the Gazette editors, Jeff and Kendra Koehler, and Marty and Kelly Faris traveled to Europe for two weeks in early February, they had a great time but also had several reminders of home. They first noticed the name Heinemann at a duty-free shop when they got off the plane in Frankfurt. Louis Heineman tells us that originally his last name was spelled with two n’s at the end.

Put-in-Bay News from Austria, the group visited the Mauthausen Concentration Camp. The late Harold Hauck, the islander who held the world record for most flying time in the Ford Tri-motor, was at the camp it was liberated when World War II ended. We couldn’t help but think about Harold and what he must have experienced that day. Down in Italy, another island name was quite prevalent. The name Bianchi kept popping up all the time.

In Veggiero, Italy, a Carnavale street party also reminded us of Put-in-Bay. Partygoers crowded the streets in costumes reminiscent of Halloween at the Bay. For blocks, the streets, located off a marina with multi-million dollar yachts, were crowded with young people drinking and reveling in such loud music it could be heard blocks away. The party made Put-in-Bay’s party weekends look like Girl Scout meetings in comparison.


Layla Katherine Hauck-Congratulations to Daniel Schmidt and Tracie A. Hauck, both of Brunswick, Ohio, on the birth of a 7 lb. 11oz. Daughter, Layla Katherine, on Feb. 6th at Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. Grandparents Harold Hauck, Jr. of Brunswick, OH, Imelda Hauck of Honolulu, and Randy Schmidt of Medina, Ohio, and Barbara McIlroy of Sunnyvale, CA. Great-grandparents are Pabilito, Adela Repuya of Honolulu, and Mary Hauck of Ney, OH.

River Zane Nichols-Congratulations to Aaron Nichols and Rebecca “Becca” Mehling of Sheffield Lake on the birth of an 8 lb. 9.3 oz., 20-inch long son, River Zane Nichols, at Fairview Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, on Jan. 7th. Maternal grandparents are Doug and Barb Mehling of Put-in-Bay. Paternal grandparents are Ron and Debbie McHenry of Lewisville, Ohio, and Donald Nichols of Akron, Ohio. Paternal great-grandparents are Louise Wilson of Glenmont, Ohio, Jack Hostettler of Wooster, Ohio, and Earl Frederick of Wooster, Ohio.

Kilian Michael Shull-Kilian Michael Shull was born on January 5th in Columbus to Chuck and Tara Shull of Dublin, Ohio. He was
welcomed home by big brother Nevan. Proud grandparents are Joe and Linda Shull, Trenton Ave., Put-in-Bay, Pam Shull, Carey, Ohio, and Scott and Ida McElhearn of Fairport, NY. Chuck worked at Heineman Winery the summer after college and at the Round House. He and Tara are accountants in Columbus.


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