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Put-in-Bay Activities Keeping Islanders Busy!

Put-in-Bay Activities -Put-in-Bay has been a beehive of activity for the past few weeks as everyone prepares for the 2012 season. If you start at the west end of the village, you’ll find a new restroom addition being built by Roger Miller’s crew at the Miller Marina. At Put-in-Bay Yacht Club, the new manager, Barb Chrysler, is getting things organized. The popular All-Star Ohio House one of the largest rentals on the island was completely renovated and reopened in April.

At the Crew’s Nest, they spruced up the brick sidewalk in front of the club. What you don’t see is the work underneath the old building where they have been working on the air ducts. Going towards town, Robby Morrow and Patrick Myers have been busy at the Put-in-Bay Winery at the Doller Estate. Like all century homes, there is always work to be done.

Todd Blumensaadt’s crew has been busy all winter at Put-in-Bay Restaurants Mossbacks and the Fishbowl. The Fishbowl was gutted and will have a completely new look when it opens. There’s a new elevator on the side of the building, which runs between the basement and the second floor. His crew also took everything that moved out of Mossbacks to put a new coat of varnish on the floor.

Across the street at Wharfside, David Hill and Rudy Cooks are changing the operation there. Put-in-Bay Activities there have changed inside, plus a new bar and kitchen are being completed. There is new decking on both the front and rear of the building, plus Jessie’s Jewelry is being moved to Jessie’s shop at her home on Thompson Rd. If you head down Catawba Avenue, you see a big new wall around the Put-in-Bay Bar Mojito Bay. Carl Krueger hopes this will help with the noise.

Further down the street at the Put-in-Bay Brewing Co., some significant changes are happening. The Airborne T-shirt shop is being converted to a seating area for the bar while retaining the open-air feel with its big garage door in front.

At the Put-in-Bay Town Hall, the offices in the police department are scheduled for new flooring. At the Resale Shop at the museum, there have already been loads of donations, including some antiques and furniture. Joy Urge sold the Cellar Cache to the Goebels and Marc Wright this spring. They’ve been emptying the building of the inventory and getting it ready to put in The Old Forge Creperie and Cafe´.

Marc says he’s got some great ideas for the place, so look for a “mega change” at the old blacksmith shop. Tony’s Garage has a new manager. He’s Brian Stephenson. Brian opened in early April, and one of his first customers was a Detroit Lions football player.

Across the street, Cameo Pizza and Isola Day Spa have already opened for the season. Put-in-Bay Activities included exterior painting and a roof inspection by brothers Josh and Timmy Niese. Up on Delaware Ave., there are also some big changes. Dan Levine at Lovella has been remodeling some shops there, and plans call for opening a new one in the courtyard behind the popular fashion clothing store.

At the Round House, Paula Garsteck has a new little gift shop she calls the Bucket Shop. She also has a new office which was built this winter. Josh and Timmy Niese have taken over the Crescent Tavern and renamed it T&J’s Smoke House. They’ve made major changes inside, building a bandstand, removing some walls, and adding a new dining room bar. Outside, they’ve enlarged the outside bar deck.

Kitty-corner across the street at the Boathouse, Andy Christensen has revamped the interior with an additional bar built by Scott Sneller. Saw horses and power tools have been spotted at Harbor Square. There will be a couple of new shops there this summer, says Milos Ljubenovic from Blu Luna. Over at the Perry Monument, plenty is going on there, too.

The Put-in-Bay Investments crew has been laying the groundwork along the northern seawall for a new electric line to East Point which will feed Middle Bass and North Bass Islands. Workers will also be cleaning the exterior of the Monument in May and June in anticipation of opening the observation deck in by July 20th.

This is not later than the anticipated July 4th date. In DeRivera Park, the dock master office in the bathhouse has been remodeled, and there are now separate sections for the DeRivera Park B-Dock dock masters and the village’s A&C Dock dock masters. The damage on the side of the Dairy Queen where a car ran through late last summer has been repaired, but there are only rumors about who will be operating the business.

Roger Miller’s crew is taking on the largest renovation job for this season, the multiple changes at what was Axel & Harry’s necessary to convert it into The Keys, island business owner Marv Booker’s newest project. The old Lion Hill Winery and Dockmaster building were torn down to make room for parking. A new dockmaster/gift shop building and a new bathhouse are already under the roof. The restaurant’s interior is being reworked, and the building has new open-air garage door windows.

The pavement in the parking lot has been torn up, and a raised area with coverings for shade will become an open area to eat and drink. On Erie St. you’ll find a new little garage with an efficiency above it behind Admiral Bodee’s B&B.

If you head out of the downtown, you’ll find plenty of Put-in-Bay Activities Danny Drake working hard at the Getaway Inn on Concord across from the Senior Center. The Skyway and South Shore Beach Resort condos have been purchased, and the new owner is a company owned by Mark Mathys from the Put-in-Bay Resort, Paul Jeris, and Ed Fitzgerald. The condos are being completely remodeled with everything new, plus plans are underway to hook them up to the village water supply. Regarding the restaurant, it looks like it will remain closed until it can be decided what to do with it.

There’s also a new hangar going in at the airport across the runway from the terminal building. Todd Blumensaadt’s crew has been working on sprucing up the old Parker home by Perry’s Cave. The property will be used for employee housing. At Perry’s Cave Put-in-Bay Activities include mulching and landscaping. And last but not least, there’s work on new homes on Put-in-Bay Rd. Across the street from the Island Club. This appears to be one of the busiest springs ever at Put-in-Bay.


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