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Put-in-Bay Diary April 2014 What You May Have Missed!

Put-in-Bay Diary-Tues., Apr. 1st – The lake has floating ice blowing by, but the harbor is still locked in. The tug is used for the village dock project break ice to Squaw Harbor where the ferries have been locked in. Dustin Heineman is busy taking down
the Christmas decorations at Heineman Winery.

Put-in-Bay Diary-Wed., Apr. 2nd – Islanders on the west side and north side of the islands awake to see nothing but big solid fields
of floating ice everywhere. The theme for Euchre Night at Tipper’s is Miller Boat Line.

Diary April 2014 -Thurs., Apr. 3rd – Islanders awake to see pretty much open water around the islands with very little ice.

Diary April 2014 -Fri., Apr. 4th – The first Jet Express of the year surprised everyone as it emerged from the fog in Put-in-Bay harbor
this morning. Jet Express III was performing sea trials before the Jet Express schedule started on May 2nd and made the unexpected stop. At Heineman Winery, they are polish filtering that great Pink Catawba wine they make. There was a fire in one of the unattended barrels on one of the construction barges working on the city docks. Island safety forces were called out, but there was no severe problem.

Diary April 2014 -Sat., Apr. 5th – Billy Market makes the long-awaited official announcement. The ferry will start running on Sunday, April 6th.

Diary April 2014 -Sun., Apr. 6th – Windowpane ice is in the harbor, but the first ferry breaks out of the Bay and begins ferry service for the 2014 season.

Mon., Apr. 7th – The Kelleys Island Ferry began service between Marblehead and Kelleys Island.

Diary April 2014 Tues., Apr. 8th – Some of the critical components in the refurbishment of the Village Docks finally make their way down Langram Rd. from the Lime Kiln Dock to downtown. What are the critical details you ask? The answer is those huge cribs which each weigh between 20 and 25 thousand pounds. The Resale shop opens and starts giving surplus items away for free.

Wed., Apr. 9th – The Budweiser drops off a load of beer at the Beverage Center by Tipper’s. A U.S. Army Medevac chopper from a unit stationed in Parkersburg, West Virginia, lands at the Put-in-Bay Airport. The four onboard enjoy a bit of lunch
and some island hospitality. The Put-in-Bay Brownie Scouts are selling Girl Scout Cookies on the sidewalk at the Island General Store in the afternoon. The girls donate half of their proceeds to Back to the Wild in Castalia, Ohio, an animal rescue organization.
Twenty to thirty dead snow swans are discovered floating in the South Passage and on the west side of the island.

Thurs., Apr. 10th – The Middle Bass Island General Store opens for the season to coincide with the beginning of ferry service to the island. Out of the blue, Mother Mary at St. Paul’s Episcopal church gets a phone call from Jack, who was a Wa-Li-Ro boy for many years. He called from Philadelphia to say hello and to share some stories. He’s 88 now. One of the people he remembers was actor and comedian Paul Lynde who worked on the island before he went to Hollywood. A Bayliner Trophy boat sinks in a marina on East Point on Middle Bass.

Fri., Apr. 11th – Pizza seems to be the thing. The annual pizza buffet takes place at Frosty’s, plus the light goes on at Cameo Pizza for the first time in 2014. And if you’re on Middle Bass, Pizza is available at the General Store. Mr. Ed’s opens.

Sat., Apr. 12th – The opening party at the Round House Bar takes place, and their season officially starts! The theme of is “Beach Party.”

Sun., Apr. 13th – The porch on the Round House is crowded like a mid-summer day, with everyone celebrating the lighting of the famous Whisky Light!

Mon., Apr 14th – There is a short Village Council meeting due to the fact there is no quorum. It’s nice to have a little spring rain in the morning. Those attending the Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce meeting at Frosty Bar, where it is being held, enter by the back door.

Tues., Apr. 15th – Winter just doesn’t want to give up. After seven straight days of above-normal temperatures and nice spring weather, the temperature dips overnight into the low 20s and snow returns. Carl Krueger is busy with his distiller at the Put-in-Bay Brewing Co.

Wed., Apr. 16th – Dusty Dykeman makes her first ferry trip off the island and enjoys the beautiful sunrise. Chris Krueger tells us the tips of her fingers are freezing as she unpacks and hangs bikinis on the clothing racks at the Put-in-Bay Surf Shop.

Thurs., Apr. 17th – Crew members on the Put-in-Bay Ferry to Middle Bass listen to the radio chatter of the search and rescue teams looking for the bodies of the four missing anglers whose boat capsized the night before west of the Bass Islands.

Fri., Apr. 18th – Ryan Stoiber cooks up some great perch for the fish fry at Frosty Bar in the evening.

Sat., Apr. 19th – The annual Easter Egg Hunt occurs at Perry’s Cave. It’s great to see people returning to the island you haven’t seen since last season. The Eggstravaganza takes place at the Round House. Raw eggs and peeps make for lots of fun.

Sun., Apr. 20th – St. Paul’s holds sunrise Easter Services at Perry’s Monument. A happy but tired group of seniors arrive back home from their class trip to the Virgin Islands. Tom Bartlett is busy banding birds at the East Point Preserve
on Middle Bass.

Mon., Apr. 21st – About a dozen or so island business owners attend the Village Council meeting and voice their concerns about the Put-in-Bay dock project. The new floating docks for the Keys arrive on the island. Todd Blumensaadt’s crew is busy getting the Jet Express Dock ready for the start of the 2014 season.

Put-in-Bay Diary-Tues., Apr. 22nd – Students from Put-in-Bay School present at the Town Hall about the island cave project they worked on this school year. We had no idea the students were so involved in this type of project. Their report was impressive.

Put-in-Bay Diary-Wed., Apr. 23rd – Robin Glauser, who commutes to work between Middle Bass and Gibraltar Island, finds a salamander in her boat. It was going too far for her since she didn’t touch anything but fish. Thankfully, a kid helped her get the creature out of the boat. The first harbor launch from the Boardwalk goes into the water for the season.

Thurs., Apr. 24th – Islanders attend funeral services for Johnny Martens. Put-in-Bay Village Council holds a very informative public hearing regarding the dock project between the Boardwalk and Fox’s Dock (Jet Dock).

Fri., Apr. 25th – The Village of Put-in-Bay Tree Commission planted an Ohio Buckeye tree on Langram Rd, near Concord Ave. to celebrate Arbor Day. The docks go in at Oak Point State Park. Miller Marina has its first customers of the season. Bartender Joe Bodenbender makes his first Mojito of the season at the Brewery.

Diary April 2014 Sat., Apr. 26th – The Put-in-Bay High School prom is at The Crew’s Nest. The theme is “Hollywood”   It’s an gorgeous day for Stephanie Thompson’s and Jeremy Berman’s wedding at the airport lakefront. There’s a celebration of Earth Day at the Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center. National Park Service rangers Rob Whitman and Jeff Helmer are there with a craft and music, and Lisa Brohl leads a walk in the woods. Mad Dog Adams kicks off his 35th year of performing at the Round House Bar.

Diary April 2014 Sun., Apr. 27th – There’s a luncheon for Joe Blumensaadt and Eva Heineman’s first communions at Mossbacks.

Diary April 2014 Mon., Apr. 28th – The new sign for the Reel Bar goes up on the old Tony’s Place building. If you were riding around, you would have seen one of the Put-in-Bay ferryboats tied off the State Park Dock due to high winds.

Diary April 2014 Tues., Apr. 29th – When we asked Ty Winchester when Pasquale’s will open, he quickly replied, “April 11th.” He’s running behind schedule but working every day like April 11th. Wait until you see all the remodeling work that’s being done there! Work is being done all over the island. New front windows are being put in at the Reel Bar. Backhoe work is going on at Mojito Bay, and progress is taking place at the Village docks.

Diary April 2014 Wed., Apr. 30th – Miller Boat Line has a late-night ferry departing Catawba at 9:30 p.m.


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