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News Stories February 2018 All The Fun Things You May Have Missed!

It may be Winter, but there are plenty of Put-in-Bay News Stories to report this month! Join the Lake Erie Islands Conservancy at the Put-in-Bay Town Hall at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 6th, for a program on Who’s at Your Feeder? We will identify common birds that visit or stay on the island in winter and grace our bird feeders. Identification skills will help with the upcoming Great Backyard Bird Count Feb. 16th -19th and next year’s Audubon Christmas bird count. Peterson Feeder Birds books will be for sale that night. For those who want to participate in another birding citizen science event, the Great Backyard Bird Count is coming up on February 16th -19th.

One of our favorite Put-in-Bay News Stories is the Put-in-Bay Volunteer Fire Dept.’s next pancake fundraiser breakfast! It will occur at the Put-in-Bay fire station on Sunday morning, Feb. 18th. Come down and enjoy a hearty breakfast meal prepared by the volunteers, including pancakes, eggs, sausage, orange juice, and coffee.

The village of Put-in-Bay loses a court battle over license fees for road use: The Ottawa County Common Pleas Court ruled against the Village imposing a license fee on rental vehicles that were earmarked for the street repair fund. Judge Bruce Winter’s decision hits the Village hard in the pocketbook. The Village will lose revenue of more than $30,000 a year it collects on the busses, tour trains, taxis, rental bikes, mopeds, and golf carts. The village is expected to appeal this decision, and we will report further in future Put-in-Bay News Stories.

Nothing yet-There has been no word yet from the State of Ohio Attorney General on the investigation, which leads to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation’s coming to the island last September with search warrants for several places, including the offices of the Village of Put-in-Bay. Some of the confiscated records, however, have been returned.

If you’re a Put-in-Bay ice fisherman, you won’t want to miss the Jer-Bear & Kurt Ice Fishing Tournament on Friday, February 16th, and Saturday, February 17th. To sign up for fishing, please get in touch with Dan Petro at 419-341-2274 or come to Topsey Turvey’s at 5 p.m. on Friday to register. Fishing will occur all day on Saturday, with a weigh-in at Topsey Turvey’s at 4 p.m. The banquet will be at Tipper’s starting at 6 p.m. Again this year; there is a 10-gun raffle.

A pre-sale for five of those guns is going on now. The five guns are a Ruger 556 AR, Kimber 2tone .45 1911, and Kimber Micro Carry. 38, Marlin 45/70, and a Walther PPQ. 40. All tickets are $20, and only 100 for each gun will be sold. There will be a 50/50 and a Chinese Raffle as in the past. If you have a donation for the event, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dan Petro, Lindsay Petro, Barb Rohrbacher, Jeff Rohrbacher, Kiel Rohrbacher, or Katie Wertenbach. Here at Put-in-Bay,

contact Kayla Johnson at Topsy Turvey’s. All proceeds will be going to support the scholarship in Jeremy’s and Kurt’s names. Think Ice!! Pre-sale tickets are officially available now.

New ramps at Put-in-Bay Airport add to safety: Rosann Keiser, the secretary at the Port Authority, tells us the Put-in-Bay Port Authority is to thank for getting the two new safety ramps, a flat one to get from the parking area safely between the hangar and the terminal and other by the front door that goes over the high curb. These two areas were always slippery and posed a real problem for those who had difficulty walking when it was snowy and icy.

The ramps weren’t inexpensive, but Rosann says the company that makes them gave them a break on the price when they found out the unique manner their product was being used for. Rosann says they also want to feature the use of their product at the Put-in-Bay Airport.

Officials meet on Put-in-Bay golf cart & ATV use: In other Put-in-Bay News, Stories Village and Township officials met in January to discuss approving guidelines for operating slow-moving vehicles on island roads. A state law that went into effect more than a year ago requires local government entities to pass approval for golf carts that don’t go over 20 mph to be driven on their roads. Neither the Put-in-Bay Village nor the Township has done that at this point.

Older golf carts licensed as motor vehicles are already approved, but newer golf carts that fall under the new law technically cannot be “legally” used on the island yet. One of the hold-ups on this legislation was agreeing on what should be on the local inspection form. It looks like island officials will be mirroring Ohio Revised Code legislation with local legislation which will ban the use of ATVs and similar off-road vehicles on the island roadways from May 1st until October 31st. Kelleys Island does this already. The Village Council and the Township will probably be finalizing this legislation sometime this spring, and we will report in future Put-in-Bay News Stories.


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