For the past two years, Put-in-Bay Doctor Michael F. Stretanski, AKA “Dr. Mike” has been traveling to his house on to Put-in-Bay/South Bass island usually Friday to Sunday and making house calls. The Put-in-Bay Doctor serves islanders and tourists alike, providing IV fluids and vitamins, pain management, urgent and non-emergent care, and primary and internal medicine care by appointment. “It started out with one at a time, ‘Hey Doc, you got a band-aid?’ or ‘Hey Doc, can you help me with this problem?Put-in-Bay Doctor Picture

One day, a guy shows up at the door asking for a band-aid and I look at the arm and said, “You got tendons showing you need a complex 3-layer closure,” I never travel without some sort of medic bag, so I sutured him up, gave a shot of penicillin and followed up on him the following week. Dr. Stretanski realized there was a need for an actual Put-in-Bay Doctor on the island and developed Put-in-Bay Concierge Medical. He is not affiliated with thePut-in-Bay EMS building, but one of few remaining solo private practice physicians left. If someone is really sick and needs to be flown off, then that’s what they need,  said Dr. Michael Stretanski but there are so many that fall between just waiting it out and needing emergent care. “I provide a very different type of care, on the other hand, the type of work I do in Mansfield requires me to hold a current Advanced Trauma and Life Support Certification, not just ACLS and was a volunteer firefighter/EMT before medical school, so if one of the on-island resources ever called for help I’d be there.”

During the weekday, Dr. Stretanski runs his practice in Mansfield, Ohio, but patients who are on any of the Put-in-Bay islands can complete a telemedicine form and history that can be found on Telemedicine allows for a physician to examine and diagnose patients using any communication, including oral, written or electronic, and then follow-up face to face with him the following weekend or any doctor of their choice. This enables him to provide general care for Put-in-Bay islanders year round.

Dr. Stretanski is residency trained and specializes in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. Interventional spine and pain is his primary practice, but he provides a variety of non-operative orthopedic care such as knee/shoulder pain but has a long history of working urgent care, primary care and “moonlighting” throughout the state. One of his 5 board certifications is Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine and he performs cosmetic procedures such as Botox and facial fillers like Juvederm and Restylane. He is a Full Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, has authored multiple peer-reviewed articles from Spine and Pain, Animal Therapy in Addiction Treatment, to Sports Medicine Injuries in Classical Ballet.

He just finished an additional 6 book chapters in “Essentials of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation” and notes “It’s kind of cool to think that when that book gets published, this little Put-in-Bay island will be listed as an affiliation in a Harvard Press Textbook. “I have known I wanted to be a doctor since I was about twelve-years-old,” said Put-in-Bay Doctor Stretanski.  After a high school swim meet, Dr. Streams pulled a girl from the water who had been drowning and began to perform rescue breaths. The incident sparked Dr. Stretanski’s interest in the medical field. During Dr.  Stretanski’s first year of medical school, he was involved in a car accident, where he was classified as a level one trauma, and airlifted to the University of Pennsylvania. As a result, he broke his leg and had other minor injuries.

Prior to the accident, Dr. Stretanski had paralyzed most of his left arm working as a bouncer to pay for medical school. The recovery of his injuries helped him discover an interest in neurorehabilitation, neuro recovery, and peripheral neurology.  “The membranes and nerve membranes and how they functioned really are fascinating. I didn’t even know physical medicine rehab existed. I ended up going down that road, and I got accepted to Penn,” said Dr. Stretanski.  Dr. Stretanski started studied physical medicine and rehabilitation from the University of Pennsylvania and the Ohio State University, where he completed his residency.

To contact Put-in-Bay Doctor Stretanski one can call his office at 419-522-1100 or his cell is always on at 614-975-1003.