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Put-in-Bay Events 2015 What’s Happening On The Island

Well, we’ve had a month to get a feel for Put-in-Bay Events 2015, but now it’s time to really take a look ahead at the coming
year and coming season and see what’s in store for Put-in-Bay and the other islands. Probably the biggest thing this year is the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the opening of Perry’s Monument. Construction started in October of 1912 and took 32 months to complete. It was opened to the first visitors on in 1915.

You will see a repeat of just about all of the popular Put-in-Bay Events 2015, but a new event will be the visit of the Brig Niagara in June. The Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce has inked a deal to have the Niagara visit one time annually for the next few years.
St. Paul’s Episcopal

Church will be celebrating its 150th anniversary of St. Paul’s. Lake Erie Islands Historical Society Curator Dan Savage tells us there will be a special display at the museum to help celebrate the anniversary. Contact Curator Dan Savage at director@ leihs.org if you have input or items of interest you would like to loan for the exhibit.

When you arrive on the island by ferry this year, you will notice a change at the Lime Kiln Dock which paves the way for another extended ferry like the Put-in-Bay. The changes which are costing several hundred thousands of dollars will be completed this spring. 2015 will be the first full year of operation for the new Put-in-Bay Docks. Officials are hoping for increased recreational boater visitation because of the beautiful new improvements which have been made.

Visitors and residents using the downtown park for Put-in-Bay Events 2015 will notice how much trimming and cutting has been done. Lots of trees were trimmed to help sustain a healthy tree growth in the park. The most visible change of any business downtown is the new employee housing next to Mojito Bay on Catawba Ave. The old Wolkersdorfer building where the Put-in-Bay Surf Shop is located has been enlarged.

The addition will also house restrooms for Mojito Bay, plus a storage area. Behind the scenes, one of the new construction projects is additional employee housing for the Boardwalk off Doller Ave. Summer employee housing is always in short supply, so this will be a real positive for the island.

Visitors may find it’s more expensive to go up in the Monument. The entrance fee increase hasn’t been officially been announced, but it should be soon. Cliff Fulton has a new charter fishing service premiering this year. Check out his website

At the Lake Erie Islands Historical Society’s Resale Shop, Terry Travis from the Perry Holiday will be one of the people taking
part in the operations. After several years as manager, Kendra Koehler plans to spend more time with family, but she will still be
involved promoting some of the museum’s events.

The ball diamond on Concord Ave. by the school has a fresh new look. There’s been a $4,000 upgrade done with 30 tons of new dirt for the infield. This should make for a great playing field for the Put-in-Bay Events 2015 Lake Erie Islands Mens Softball League games.

Over on Middle Bass, it will be interesting to see how the new pavilion and remodeled press house building will be used after being completed last year. Some issues from 2014 which weren’t resolved will carry over into the new year.

The issue of algae in Lake Erie is not a topic which will be resolved any time soon. Depending on weather conditions, limits on what can’t go into the lake and more are all factors in solving this problem, which, if not handled properly, could impact tourism in our area.

The Village will be dealing with the Ottawa County Sheriff’s investigation into the Put-in-Bay police department when it is released. Along with questions remaining about liability insurance issues, local officials will be facing some interesting decision making during the coming months. There are still some legal challenges hanging out there which could change how law enforcement is handled on the island.


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