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News September 2019  Put-in-Bay Ohio

News September 2019 brings us a warning and a big NO-No from Anne Auger, who dropped by the other day and dropped off lots of good information from the Village Utility Department. One was a reminder to those who are on the Village’s sewer system that dumping your prescription drugs and medications down the sink or toilet is a “Big NO, NO!”

The EPA announced a new rule effective August 21st, 2019 that prohibits the sewering of hazardous waste pharmaceuticals. The antibiotics and other pharmaceutical wastes cannot be appropriately treated and sewage processing plants that are not in compliance with EPA regulations can be fined up to $10,000 per day for disposal of illegal waste. Please take your old prescription medicines to the lobby of the police department at the Put-in-Bay Town Hall for proper disposal. Thank you.

Keep Your Pets Out of the Lake

Dog owners should be particularly cautious this time of year. The algae bloom poses a real danger to canines and can be fatal. Even small children can get sick. The danger is a toxin called microcystin, which is very toxic to dogs. If you think your dog has played in or ingested part of an algal bloom, the best thing to do is wash off its fur with fresh water so that it doesn’t consume more by licking.

There is no clinical diagnosis or antidote. If it’s a severe situation, there’s not much that can be done, but as soon as you get your dog out of the water, go rinse him off with fresh water. The best advice is prevention. Keep your dog on a leash if you’re walking near a suspicious area.

Property Owners Invite Candidates to Speak

This month at the Put-in-Bay Property Owners Association meeting on Saturday, September 21st, at 10 a.m. at the Senior Center, candidates who are on the November 5th ballot will be given the opportunity to speak about the issues and answer questions.

Lake Level Recedes in Seasonal Decline

Lake Erie’s water level dropped a bit in July in its average seasonal decline but still is at a record high level as we go into September. The fall storm season is ahead, so a strong nor’ easter with the water being so high is not on anyone’s wish list. A storm with sustained NE winds blowing 40 miles per hour would see flooding that we haven’t seen in years.

Lots of Publicity in the News September 2019

Each month Put-in-Bay gets loads of publicity which most islanders don’t even know is out there. To give you an example, the House Beautiful internet site had a post entitled “50+ Charming American Towns You Haven’t Heard of But Should Visit ASAP.” Put-in-Bay was on that list and was described as a quaint little island. In addition, the article added, “Once you get there, you’ll be instantly charmed.”

Other articles out there this past month included Heineman’s Winery, Put-in-Bay in Ohio Magazine; Everybody Needs a Little Island Time Ohio Tourism; Tin Tops to be Celebrate at Put-in-Bay Classic Motorsports Magazine; The Best Kayak Tour in Ohio Only In Your State; This Island Butterfly House Near Cleveland Is The Perfect Summertime Retreat Only In Your State; and Photostream: Put-in-Bay Cool Cleveland. Many of these were featured in the Put-in-Bay July 2019 Diary.

Trail Challenge Have you taken the Trail Challenge?

There’s a booklet put together by Ohio University student Kristin Parrish, and island graphic designer Brian Cultice for the Put-in-Bay
Township Park District guides you through all the nature trails on South Bass Island. The booklets are at each trailhead and Freshwater Remedies at 1331 Langram Rd. across from the Put-in-Bay Airport. You might have read about this in a previous Put-in-Bay News in 2017.

Put-in-Bay T-shirt Company

Put-in-Bay T-shirt Company is proud to announce that their new retail store is now open on Put-in-Bay. They have been hard at work over the past few months preparing for the “Tree Trunk” located on the first floor of the new Tree Bar on Delaware Ave. between Lovella and Mama Marias. The Trunk is full of island treasures, and they hope you’ll come to visit soon!

Browns Backer Meetings

This month, there will be four Lake Erie Islands Browns Backer meetings on the island. The first will be on Sunday, Sept. 8th, at 1 p.m. at Topsy Turvey’s. The second will occur on Monday, Sept. 16th, at 8:15 p.m. at the Fish Bowl. It will be followed on Sunday, Sept. 22nd, at 8:20 p.m. at the Reel Bar. The last will be at the Round House on Sunday, Sept. 29th, at 1 p.m.

Wonderful Video

A cool video of downtown Put-in-Bay showed up on Youtube. It’s called“Put-in-Bay 1989.” Step back in time and enjoy this one that made News in September 2019.

Helping with Island Safety

Megabits, the new wireless internet provider on Put-in-Bay, recently provided space on their new 140-foot radio tower so the Put-in-Bay Fire Department can move their two-way radio system and improve Public Safety Communications. Thumbs up to Megabits! In addition, they are still waiting for the FCC to release operating authority for a new LTE service called CBRS. This will allow Megabits to reach more wooded island areas and begin residential installations.

A few thoughts and observations about News September 2019

This past month I had the opportunity to dine with a friend who has been visiting the island for Put-in-Bay Regatta for years. I asked if she was going to be sailing. Her reply caught me by surprise. “Regatta is over. I’m going home tomorrow,” was her answer. I remember when Regatta was about the biggest event on the island, one you couldn’t help but notice was going on. Now, with so many events, Regatta is just a blip on the radar of Put-in-Bay Island events.

After watching all those volleyball players in McCann’s field on Saturday, Aug. 17th, I noticed the intensity and perseverance these players seem to all have. It wasn’t until almost dusk that they quit playing. Perhaps it’s time for Mack to install stadium lights so the teams can continue playing into the night.

There is no doubt something must be done about the traffic flow on busy weekends at the corner of Catawba and Delaware. We watch Chief Riddle directing traffic. It may have helped a bit, but more certainly has to be done, mainly since one observer reported the cart traffic was backed up all the way to Ashley’s House across from the school.

You may have noticed that Port Clinton recently voted to allow bar hoppers to carry the drinks out and consume them as they walk from place to place. This is becoming more and more widespread. Perhaps the Put-in-Bay South Bass Island Community should begin discussing doing the same. The cat-and-mouse game of chasing down open container violators versus spending our public safety dollars on critical violations and safety concerns makes sense to me.

We went to Middle Bass one Sunday and biked and rented a golf cart around the island. The island is still sleepy compared to Put-in-Bay. One of the things we noticed was how nice the old Jim Bretz house looks. Another thing we noticed is that we forgot the pool at St. Hazard’s when we wrote the article about swimming pools on the islands. A stop at the Island General Store was the perfect end to the afternoon. Great pizza and other food!

Another Boater Rescued

You may remember the lady returning from Put-in-Bay to the mainland on a jet ski who fell off and was rescued after more than 12 hours in
the lake. Well, this past month, a man returning from Put-in-Bay to Port Clinton on his sailboat was rescued after clinging to his capsized boat for 12 hours. The boat capsized after the winds whipped up.

The sailor, who was in good spirits, but suffering from mild hypothermia, had no radio or cell phone. He said the capsizing happened so fast that he lost his life jacket but was able to cling to the boat until rescuers found him the following day. It sounds like returning to the mainland from Put-in-Bay isn’t good.

Kids & Golf Carts

The never-ending battle to keep children from driving Put-in-Bay Golf Carts on the island isn’t going too well. Despite new signs and stickers on golf cart steering wheels telling people children are not allowed to drive carts, it is commonplace to see kids behind the wheel on our public streets. We have even seen Put-in-Bay Golf Carts FAQs address these questions. We’d like to hear your ideas on how to curb this problem. Email your thoughts to pibgazette@ frontier.com.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


We found this job description for dockmasters, who take care of boats at the Put-in-Bay Docks and marinas, very interesting. DOCKMASTERS – Take care of boats, assist in docking, fendering, getting power and water, and moving boats. Selling ice, collecting dockage, and maintaining the dock are out in all weather. Be aware of the needs of the customers and docks.

Bayview Ave. Gets New Electric Pole

On Thursday, August 8th, just before lunchtime, there were several loud bangs, lots of huge sparks, and the splintering of an electric pole thanks to a new bright red Coca-Cola delivery truck that snagged the Spectrum cable internet, TV, and phone line on Bayview Ave. next to Mossbacks.

Anyone in the vicinity could not have been oblivious to all the commotion. The event was some of the biggest News in September 2019. Within minutes, the police, the Put-in-Bay Vol. Fire Dept. and Ohio Edison’s Put-in-Bay repairman Terry Jenkins were on hand to survey the situation.

Residents along Bayview and areas to the West found themselves without electricity and Spectrum products. Bayview Ave. was closed from Mossbacks to the Crew’s Nest as workers soon arrived to begin taking the old pole with an assortment of strung wires out, installing a brand new pole, and hooking everything back up.

Workers worked into the night, and it wasn’t until shortly after 1 a.m. that the electricity came back on. Bayview was still closed the following day with a Spectrum line on the ground crossing the street. That was restrung before noon, and the road was reopened after being closed for more than 24 hours. The new pole looks great. Next time you pass it, slow down and look closely. You’ll like what you see.

Sandusky Register At It Again

In other News September 2019,  this past month, the Put-in-Bay Police Department again became the target of editorials in the Sandusky Register. The Register has been critical of the Put-in-Bay Police Department for several years. Many articles appeared regarding the Ric Lampella Steve Korossy corruption and firings.

This time, they wrote about Put-in-Bay Police Officer Shawn Simmons, who had a criminal record in Norway. He was fired from a police job in Cleveland after not reporting his past. Simmons, who was Put-in-Bay Police Officer of the Year in 2018, was let go after Mayor Dress learned about his being on the island force.

There were also concerns over two alleged sexual assaults, one recent and one from last year. Not only were the editorials critical of the department’s handling of the incidents, but also of the department’s response, or lack of response, to requests from the Register’s reporters upon requests for information.

The Register says police reports are public records that must be released upon request. Chief Steve Riddle’s position is that some information must be withheld from the press to protect the rights of those accused of unlawful acts. Riddle recently reported that public affairs officers went to Sandusky to discuss their differences. In any case, island officials have voiced concerns about getting things ironed out between the Register and island police due to the negative press these articles generate for the island.




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