March 2022

Put-in-Bay Jobs

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Put-in-Bay Jobs & Internships- Work Where You Like To Play! Looking for a fun and satisfying job this summer? Need a fun exciting place to complete your internship? Ever lived on an island? Perhaps Put-in-Bay would be just the ticket! College Tuition Assistance Up to $5000 Possible for 2022!! Put-in-Bay Jobs are ideal for college students! [...]

January 2022

Airline Becomes Lifeline to over 500 At Put-in-Bay

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With Loss of Ferry Service, Airline Is Put-in-Bay's Winter Lifeline  With the recent stoppage of the Put-in-Bay Ferry Service, several hundred islanders living on South Bass Island known to most as Put-in-Bay, Ohio must now rely on an island airline transportation company for supplies including prescriptions, perishable food goods, and even the US Mail. To make matters [...]

December 2021

Lake Erie Islands

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The Lake Erie Islands Ron Tiesson, the former curator of the Pelee Island Heritage Centre, had a vision for all of the Lake Erie Islands. What if people from the Lake Erie Islands all got together to share ideas about the best way to promote the cultural and natural resources of the Lake Erie Islands Archipelago? [...]

November 2021

Top 10 Fun Put-in-Bay Bachelorette Party Tips!

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Marriage is worth celebrating—and how better to rejoice than with a Put-in-Bay bachelorette party? Gather your closest friends, and bond over newfound love in Put-in-Bay—Ohio’s small-town, big-fun island paradise! With so much to do in Put-in-Bay, good times are guaranteed for all. Why Have a Bachelorette Party? A bachelorette party can be many things: a wild [...]

Put-in-Bay Discounts & Packages

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Put-in-Bay Discounts & Packages - Because Everyone Loves To Save Money! Discounts & Packages are one of the many ways to enjoy a vacation at Put-in-Bay, South Bass Island in Lake Erie. These bundled discounts & packages offer some of the best vacation values at Put-in-Bay's finest hotels, Resorts, Villas & Condo Rentals and some include a golf [...]

August 2021

Bash On The Bay 2021

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Tiny Island Prepares For 30000+ Visitors For Bash On The Bay 2021 A tiny Lake Erie Island known as Put-in-Bay will grow from 650 full-time residents to hosting over 30,000 visitors in a Two Day country music festival known as Bash On The Bay 2021. The annual event has grown from a one-day concert to a [...]

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May 2021

News May 2021

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Put-in-Bay News May 2021 You Surely Don’t Want to Miss This! Chan Stevens purchased his classic island home just east of Perry’s Monument more than 40 years ago. Now it’s time to say goodbye and he and his wife Boo have decided to help out the Lake Erie Islands Historical Society by having a sale of [...]

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April 2021

Spring Fling 2021 Update

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Spring Fling 2021 Update The 2021 Put-in-Bay Spring Fling is just 2 weekends away April 30th & May 1st at the new and improved downtown location the Put-in-Bay Resort  This annual event will follow the same format as in years past, and may still have some social distancing measures to be determined if required in place. [...]

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Diary March 2021

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Put-in-Bay Diary March 2021 Mon., March 1st - Tom Thanasiu takes one last iceboat ride before packing it up for the season. There’svopen water on the east side of the island, off East Point, looking out to Ballast Island and in front of Lonz Winery on Middle Bass. Tue., March 2nd - Doug Rank, from the [...]

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Put-in-Bay Sinking

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Put-in-Bay Sinking - 2 New Studies Conclude South Bass Island Sinking Into Lake Erie For the last 5 years or so, Put-in-Bay residents have battled high water levels that have wreaked havoc on local roads, marinas & docks and caused hundreds of dreds of thousands of dollars in damages. The high water levels at Put-in-Bay had [...]

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