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Put-in-Bay Diary January 2011 What Happened On The Island!

Put-in-Bay Diary January 2011 -Sat., Jan 1st – 2011 is rung in with confetti, balloons, fireworks, and the ringing of the Town Hall bell. The temperature at midnight is 54 degrees.

Put-in-Bay Diary January 2011 -Sun., Jan. 2nd – There is open water and a bit of wind, so the airboat doesn’t run.

Put-in-Bay Diary January 2011-Mon., Jan. 3rd – All the nice ice which was set up for what looked like a great start for a great winter ice fishing
isn’t very good after several days of mild temperatures. No airboat.

Put-in-Bay Diary- Tues., Jan. 4th – The January Gazettes finally arrive on the island. Julene Market holds her first Yoga class at the
Town Hall.

Put-in-Bay Diary -Wed., Jan. 5th – Monument Superintendent Blanca Stransky, while at dinner at the Skyway with friends, reports
additional funding to clean the outside of the Monument has been found.

Put-in-Bay Diary-Thurs., Jan. 6th – Now that the warm weather is over, ice fishermen are heading back out onto the ice. Tyler Whidden flies to the island with Jen Divico Morrow and Danger Morrow. It’s the first time for Tyler to fly in a small plane.

Put-in-Bay Diary-Fri., – Jan. 7th – A little trip to Toledo is interesting. Parking at the restaurant where we dine, there’s a car with Put-in-Bay license plates in front of us. After dinner, in another parking lot, there’s a car with a “KI” (Kelleys Island) sticker on it in front of us. Danny Ahner breaks a cardinal rule of living on an island. He flies to Port Clinton and realizes he has left his car keys on the island.

Sat., Jan. 8th – If you were in Orlando, Florida, you might have run into Maryann McCann, Suzi Chrysler, Anita McCann, Melinda Myers, and Paula Garsteck, who were there on a buying trip.

Sun., Jan. 9th – Ice fishing hasn’t been that great, so Mandy Sabola flies to the mainland.

Mon., Jan. 10th – Someone ice skating in the Bay with a hockey stick. “Do we have an ice hockey team at school?”

Tues., Jan. 11th – The Put-in-Bay Village Council committee is working on ordinance changes when the fire alarm goes off in the Town Hall. No need to worry; there was no fire. The Christmas decorations around the village are being taken down.

Wed., Jan 12th – Islanders awake to about five inches of snow that started falling shortly after noon the day before. Mayor Judy Berry learns the new filter system cell for the water plant is being built and should be on the island by this summer.

Thurs., Jan. 13th – John Dodge, Dave Washtock, and Bridgit Wise venture out on the ice with a few Christmas trees to start marking a path to the mainland. They run into thin ice and give up their quest.

Fri., Jan. 14th – It is strange to pass Mojito Bay, Carl Krueger’s tiki bar on Catawba Ave., across from Tipper’s, and see snow on the thatched roof. We run into Chris Zeitler from J.F. Walleyes on Middle Bass at the Cleveland Boat Show. He tells us he is opening for ice season. That should be a popular stop for those venturing out on the ice.

Sat., Jan. 15th – There’s a “Pig Roast & Keg of Christmas Ale” Ice Party on the shoreline at the Boardwalk. Oh! Heaven forbid! All those open containers!

Sun., Jan. 16th – St. Paul’s Annual Meeting took place immediately following the morning service.

Mon., Jan. 17th – Linda Parker departed Germany for home after a several-week visit with her daughter Natalie and her family who are stationed in the U.S. Air Force in Stuttgart. Jeanne Burgess and Doraine Toms venture out on the ice to fish with guide Bud Gehring.

Tues., Jan. 18th – It’s an above-freezing day with light rain. For most of the day, the planes don’t fly because of low visibility. At 9 p.m., the 24-hour period of above-freezing temps ends. Mark Mathys from the Edgewater Hotel tells us the phone has been very busy with Put-in-Bay Hotel Reservations.

Wed., Jan. 19th – We run into Joe Foutts at the grocery store. He tells us he has a student play and an adult play in the works for later this spring at the Town Hall. Frieda Baer is hosting a taste test of chocolate almond milk at the grocery store. The turnout at Tipper’s for euchre was the biggest of the season. Euchre will continue on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. until the end of April. Friends help Dee Dee Duggan celebrate her birthday with a drop-in party orchestrated by her husband, Mike Steidl.

Thurs., Jan. 20th – It’s Put-in-Bay Day at the Mid-America Boat Show at the IX Center in Cleveland. Put-in-Bay entertainers Mike “Mad Dog” Adams, Westside Steve, Alex Bevan, and Ray Fogg were on hand to play some tunes.

Fri., Jan. 21st – The morning temperature is 12 degrees. So far this winter, we have not had a temperature reading below 10 degrees. This may change soon. Friends gather at the Skyway for dinner to welcome Linda Parker back from a several weeks stay with her daughter, Natalie, and family in Stuttgart, Germany. Linda enthralled her island-bound friends with her adventures there. At 11 p.m., the temperature falls below 10 degrees for the first time this winter.

Fri., Jan. 22nd – Islanders awake at 7 a.m. to a temperature of 2 degrees. That’s great for the ice fisherman. Did you see the hovercraft in the harbor today? Ed Erickson hosts guests at his airport home to see Celine Dion’s Las Vegas show on his 12 ft. by 12 ft. screen.

Sun., Jan. 23rd – A group of Put-in-Bay people leaves Miami for a week-long Western Caribbean cruise. Among those on board are Kris and Reni Miller from PIBYC, Kay Drake and Steve Nagy from the West Shore, former summer residents Chuck and Noreen Roth, Jim Turner from Duff’s Woods, and former island residents Charles and Betty Finkbeiner. A group from Kelleys Island made it to the Bay
across the ice.

Mon., Jan 24th – Joan Booker and Judy Kania enjoy lunch together at the Skyway. With the help of Muriel Sneller, Heidi Ladd and Liz Knauer spend time after school teaching the island Brownies how to sew. A group of islanders gets to the mainland across the ice in ATVs and snowmobiles.

Tues., Jan. 25th – Director Joe Foutts is busy auditioning for the parts in the Put-in-Bay Arts Council’s spring play, “Open House.” He needs five male and six female players. Bobbi Kowalski catches her first walleye of the winter.

Wed., Jan. 26th – It’s Nerd Day at Put-in-Bay School, and the kids are dressing up as nerds.

Thurs., Jan 27th – It’s Pizza Night, and Put-in-Bay students are out delivering pizzas in the new snow.

Put-in-Bay DiaryJanuary 2011 Wed., Jan. 26th – It’s Nerd Day at Put-in-Bay School, and the kids are dressing up as nerds.

Put-in-Bay Diary January 2011 Thurs., Jan 27th – It’s Pizza Night, and Put-in-Bay students are out delivering pizzas in the new snow.

Put-in-Bay Diary January 2011 Fri., Jan. 28th – Island contractor Greg Auger hauls a load of cabinets to the island.

Put-in-Bay Diary January 2011 Sat. Jan. 29th – There’s another winter party on the ice off the Boardwalk. There are games and food; ice fishermen from the mainland are out in force between the Lime Kiln and Miller’s Catawba Dock.

Sun., Jan 30th – Coach Schuffenecker, Carl Krueger, Mike Byrnes, Dino Uszak, and Max Leiher are playing some polar bear softball at the ball diamond.

Mon., Jan. 31st – The Put-in-Bay Gazette News is printed at the DCI Printing Plant in Sandusky


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