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March 2018 Put-in-Bay News Island Events & Local Gossip

Put-in-Bay News for March 2018 Get ready to put your ATV away this summer! Put-in-Bay Island ATV owners will no longer be able to operate their vehicles on the island once a new ordinance is passed this spring. The new law will allow ATVs to be operated only from November 1st through April 30th. It also applies to snowmobiles.

The new ordinance complies with a new Ohio Revised Code, which the Put-in-Bay Township Trustees lobbied for because of concern about someone renting ATVs to tourists like they do Mopeds during the summer if they were allowed to be operated year-round. ATVs have been operated on island roads for many years, and some owners are not happy they won’t be able to use them anymore for simple day-to-day activities like going to the store or work during the busy season.

In other Put-in-Bay News for March 2018, the annual Erie Islands Library at Put-in-Bay hosted its seventh annual Chocolate Fest on Saturday, February 10, 2018. There were a total of fifteen entries. At least forty-five people enjoyed tasting the delicious items! We are pleased to announce that there was a tie for first place. Put-in-Bay residents Jamison and Alyssa Smith were elected with their delicious Guinness Chocolate Cake and Kate and Susan Byrnes were placed with their yummy Chocolate Pizza.

Second place went to Karen Wilhelm for her delectable entry of Bite-Sized Chocolate Peanut Butter Reeses. The third-place winner was Heidi Ladd and her girls Nora and Macy with their mouthwatering Salted Carmel & Chocolate Hazelnut Popcorn. Honorable Mention goes to Susan Amrine and Lucas Kostura, Don Ruggerio, Susan Cooks, Linda Rence, Mark Wilhelm, Keri Carnicom, Lyla Steidl, Beth Furner, Lizzy Many, and Sue Duff for their delectable dishes.

Many recipes were ideas gathered on Pinterest.com, and others were handed down through families. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who took the time to prepare a tasty treat and those who stopped by to vote for the Chocolate Fest champions! Erie Islands Library looks forward to hosting this event next year!

In Put-in-Bay Village Council  News for March 2018, the Put-in-Bay  Township Trustees were sent a letter asking if they would participate in a “One Island, One Government” This is their response: “Thanks for giving us a chance to participate in your upcoming study. Unfortunately, we don’t believe this is realistic for the township since you want to study ‘one island, one government’ without including the upper islands. Should this study include the upper islands, we would reconsider our position.”

House Numbers Available for free- The Put-in-Bay Vol. Fire Dept. and the EMS want to ensure everyone on Put-in-Bay Island has a visible house number. With new people on the EMS every summer, it is essential to sign up for a free house number so they can find you in an emergency. The goal is to have every Put-in-Bay Island resident with a sign nearby the street. See the ad on page 6 of this issue to get yours.

PUT-IN-BAY GAZETTE ARCHIVES The Put-in-Bay Gazette Newspaper, in conjunction with Visit Put-in-Bay Ohio is now offering readers the ability to read select past articles and news stories from years past about various Put-in-Bay topics. Over 300 news articles have been indexed, and more are added daily. Go to Put-in-Bay Gazette News to read!

CLASS FUNDRAISER The 11th-grade class at Put-in-Bay High School is selling Malley’s candy for Easter! The money they raise will help pay for their senior class trip next year! Please click the link https://malleys. Com/…/camp…/put-in-bayschoool-class-of-2019 to order and help support the class. Ordering online is available until March 20th. Your order will be shipped directly to your house!

Put-in-Bay Village Council to challenge ruling- In another Put-in-Bay News for March 2018, The Ottawa County Court of Common Pleas Court Judge Bruce Winters recently ruled that Put-in-Bay Village’s rental golf cart, taxi, and bus fee “is for a similar purpose that is already imposed by the state and thus would be improper and impermissible.” Mark Mathys, who owns Delaware Carts, challenged the ordinance in 2015 after he was issued a citation for not paying the fees. His lawyer, Andrew Mayle, argued, among other things, that the village could not assess a price on something the state already licenses.

Otherwise, municipalities all over Ohio could charge high license fees for the right to use their streets. The Village takes in about $30,000 per year in such costs. The payments were used for street repair and maintenance. In a similar case from several years ago, a judge ruled in the Village’s favor, so the Village Council voted to appeal the decision. Mr. Mayle said business owners are now considering civil action to recoup fees they paid the village. This could be a considerable amount the Village would have to repay if it loses.

In other News for March 2018, The Lake Erie Islands Conservancy, Put-in-Bay Township Park District, and the Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center will be sharing an  AmeriCorps intern for the summer to assist with our land preservation and educational programs. The Ohio State University Stone Laboratory (Stone Lab) is providing housing. We have had great experiences with our interns providing new energy and ideas to our programs in the summer when we are all the busiest.

However, it is not without cost, so we are looking for donations toward this expense. If you are interested in donating, contact Lisa Brohl at 419-366-2087, leiconservancy@gmail.com, or send a check to LEIC, P.O. Box 461, Put-in-Bay, Ohio43456 with AmeriCorps on the memo line. You may also use our Pay-Pal at www.lakeerieislandsconservancy.org but designate for the AmeriCorps intern program. We have had outstanding interns- Colleen O’Brien, Leah Bilski, Carmen Levand, Jackie Taylor, Chloe Nostrant, Jenna Prahst, and Samantha Newhouse – and we wish to continue this program!

Recent articles published about the island included Things to Do At Put-in-Bay, an article about the new Put-in-Bay Novel, and a blogger’s posts about Put-in-Bay Batchelor & Bachelorette Parties. They sure make for interesting reading!


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