The North Bass Party turned into a grand affair and high adventure for many who made the journey across the frozen lake on Saturday, Feb. 13th. Mother Nature did her best to discourage the event by reeking havoc with the weather right up until a couple days prior. It was touch and go the whole time, even two days before the party was supposed to take place, and we were leaning towards accepting the fact the party just wasn’t meant to be.Photo of North Bass Ice Party

Not that the ice was too rough or cracks too many, it was the snow on the ice which can create slush banks that was the main concern for those on four-wheelers. However, in the end, we decided to just go for it and who could make it would. If no one was able to get across we still intended to sit around the fire ourselves and have chili and hot-dogs. Due to the snow and some worrisome spots around the main dock, we moved the party from the ice up to the Burris’s fire pit. There we sat up old farm wagons for the food and drinks. Picnic tables were scattered about, along with several turkey cookers, to warm the chili. It was the perfect place. There were woods for protection from the elements, a nice bonfire and a big open field to park and ride in.

Folks began to arrive, and they came by all different modes of transportation, one person, Gordon Barr, walked from Middle Bass and Russ and Lisa Brohl cross-country skied from Put-in-Bay. Both Eagles from Middle Bass even flew over to see what all the noise was
about! There were 60 to 70 four-wheelers and snowmobiles with trailers of all kinds in tow carrying passengers from Middle Bass and Put-in-Bay. About a hundred people attended and enjoyed the North Bass fun. Food was more than plenty, drinks and cocktails were shared and new friends were made by all. Spirits were high and smiles were everywhere you turned.

Some folks spent the whole day and others only a couple of hours. Everyone seemed to be taking it all in, and the island was buzzing. Parties of people rode around the island, others sledding in the big open field and, best of all, there was a lot visiting done between new and old friends. The North Bass Party Hosts would like to say thanks to all who came to spend the day with us. It was a great experience and we are so glad everyone made the trip across! Like Julene Market said, “The day was about both the journey and the destination!”