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Put-in-Bay Diary February 2010

Put-in-Bay Diary- Mon., Feb. 1st – Dustin Heineman has dinner with his grandpa Louie before leaving the island the next day. Caroline Conrad leaves the island on her way to Florida. While in Key West, later in the month, she will get a whiskers henna

Put-in-Bay Diary -Tues., Feb. 2nd – Barb Chrysler finishes distributing Gazettes on the island while the editors head off on vacation to Europe.

Put-in-Bay Diary- Wed., Feb. 3rd – Walleye warrior Jeff Bykowski caught a 12 lb. 7 oz. Big one.Put-in-Bay Diary February 2010 Walleye Photo

Put-in-Bay Diary-Thurs., Feb. 4th – Kathy Sopko watches Pat Dailey’s first show of 2010 at Sloppy Joe’s in Key West via the Webcam!! Put-in-Bay Gazette editors Jeff, Kendra Koehler, Marty, and Kelly Faris have lunch in Stuttgart, Germany with Natalie Ontko Price (Put-in-Bay High School Class of 1994) and her two young daughters. Natalie’s husband, Steve, is stationed there in the Air Force.

Fri. Feb. 5th – Jeanne from Kelleys Island waited on islanders at the post office because JR Domer is recuperating from surgery. Winds on the island are in the 30 mph range.

Sat., Feb. 6th – Jim and Sally Duffy went to a concert by the New Christy Minstrels on Sanibel Island in Florida and ran into Eddie Boggs, who was singing with them. They spoke with him and reminded him they often took their kids to see him on Mondays at the Crew’s Nest and at the Boardwalk.

Sun., Feb. 7th – It’s windy on the island, and there is a big crack in the ice with lots of open water. Two to four inches of snow
are in the forecast for this evening.

Mon., Feb. 8th – Heidi Ziegler Ladd, in the continuing saga of her bathroom renovation, is looking for the appropriate thank you for the guy (whom she had never met before) who fell through the ice while carrying her new 116 lb. toilet out to the airboat. Tim Niese Jr. caught a 13 lb. walleye.

Tues., Feb. 9th – A foot of snow falls on the island late in the day. Bravo to Carl Krueger, who was plowing out some of his
neighbors with his 4-wheeler!

Put-in-Bay Diary February 2010 Feb. 10th – Put-in-Bay School is closed for the day because of overnight snowfall.

Put-in-Bay Diary February 2010 Feb. 11th – A planned scrapbooking and Valentine-making party at The Skyway is canceled. It was a fun idea, but people are maybe getting ready for the winter break. Village employees enjoy a party featuring some Lake Erie perch.

Fri., Feb. 12th – Put-in-Bay Days at Sloppy Joe’s are underway. Dylan Jump’s picture with a huge walleye is posted on the Put-in-Bay Ohio Facebook Page. The Jeff Verhoff Scholarship Dinner takes place at the Town Hall.

Put-in-Bay Diary February 2010 Feb. 13th – The long-awaited ice party takes place on North Bass Island.

Sun., Feb. 14th – After a fun Saturday at the North Bass Party, Robin Burris-Cadez wraps of the weekend by having lunch at J.F. Walleyes on Middle Bass.

Mon., Feb. 15th – A freak part on the airboat goes out and shuts down service for the day. Thanks to Dairy Air for quickly delivering the needed part and Jack Wertenbach for the super service replacing it.

Tues., Feb. 16th – The annual Fastnacht Party is held at the Town Hall. Elizabeth Heineman is the cash winner of the Bingo coverall.

Wed., Feb. 17th – Nick Michael and Rob LaPlante are working on the new deck at the Lipke-Benn house behind Mossbacks on Bayview Ave.

Thurs., Feb. 18th – It’s a beautiful day for a solitary walk along the West Shore and harbor lakefront. There is one lonely ice fishing shanty out in the harbor, but what looks like about four dozen shanties out by Rattlesnake Island.

Fri., Feb. 19th – Winter break at the school begins after the morning session. Plenty of islanders are heading on vacation.

Sat., Feb. 20th – Boy! Are things ever quite on the island streets with so many people gone on vacation?

Sun., Feb. 21st – The long-term weather forecast looks like ice fishing will be in March.

Mon., Feb. 22nd – The Put-in-Bay Village Council meets and has two meetings lasting a total of 3 1/2 hours. Deb Parker flies to the island to discuss hospitalization for island employees, plus there was a discussion about the new Taxi Cab ordinance. Ice guides Rob LaPlante and Glen Stevens report 12 inches of ice where they’ve been fishing.

Put-in-Bay Diary February 2010 Feb. 23rd – Sue Thwaite tells us she absentmindedly puts out a bowl of cat food for her pet rabbit. It’s been a long winter!

Wed., Feb. 24th – Island Hardware has a contest on Facebook! They had ten color names (Sunlit Mountain, Icicle Blue, Grassy Field, Happy Camper, Pool Party, Pink Pink Moon, Sahara Sand, Boston Creme Pie, Sweet Moonbeam, and Night Sky), but only one of which is an actual color in their 1320 paint color portfolio. The other nine are made up. The first person to guess the real color gets an Island Hardware coffee mug. It’s been a long winter!

Put-in-Bay Diary February 2010 -Thurs., Feb. 25th – Islanders awoke to find more snow fell overnight. The township crew is out before sun up plowing the island roads, and the sun is getting high enough as spring approaches, also helping to melt the snow on the roads even with the mid-twenty degree temperatures in the morning.

Put-in-Bay Diary February 2010- Fri., Feb. 26th – Oh, joy! More new fresh snow this morning, but this time winds out of the WNW, gusting at more than 30 miles per hour. You can’t see Middle Bass from downtown Put-in-Bay. It’s been a long winter.

Sat., Feb. 27th – In the morning, Mike and Susan Byrnes and their two children, Joe and Kate, are in a Miami disembarking from an Eastern Caribbean cruise. Little do they know they’ll be trading the white sand of the Caribbean for the white snow of Put-in-Bay when they arrive home.

Put-in-Bay Diary February 2010 Feb. 28th – Like many islanders who are returning or returning to the island from vacation, Billy Market is back and ready to get to work. He says he’ll start running the ferries, “Soon as we can get those darn ice-fishermen out of the way!


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