Put-in-Bay Diary-Fri., Sept. 1st – The Toby Keith concert at the Put-in-Bay Airport is over. Clean up and take down crews work all night and by morning those passing by the airport saw no sign there was even a concert there. Put-in-Bay Ferry Boats ran most of the night to get all the passengers, trucks and equipment off the island. Louis Heineman got a haircut. The wind is strong out of northeast so the Sonny S stops running between Put-in-Bay and Middle Bass. The good news is the Put-in-Bay Docks are pretty much full. Lake Erie Islands Water Trail guide partners met with Lisa Brohl and visited some of the access sites for kayakers and the likes. They discuss additional printings of the water trail guide.

Put-in-Bay Diary-Sat., Sept. 2nd – The Put-in-Bay Yacht Club holds its Annual Meeting where an election of the trustees takes place, plus members could raise issues and suggestions.

Put-in-Bay Diary  Sun., Sept. 3rd – It’s a beautiful day at the Bay with lots of visitors. Jeff Bringardner has his team of senior citizens and a recovering softball player helping frame his new house at the entrance to Shore Villas. The marina at North Bass is almost full.

Put-in-Bay Diary -Mon., Sept. 4th – Normally there is a Village Council meeting on the first Monday of the month, even when it’s
a holiday, but there is no meeting today. Once again, Billy Market, who is on a first name basis with Weather Gods that the rest of us have only read about in mythology, has called it right and canceled the last boat dock party. Put-in-Bay Restaurants Reel Bar takes up the slack and holds its Labor Night Island Song show earlier than normal. At the Duck In on the West Shore, there’s the annual taffy tasting test. Put-in-Bay’s Candy Bar wins hands down. A rather large pleasure boat hits the rocks during the evening thunderstorms. Bob Bahney on Peach Point clocked winds up to 69 miles per hours during the evening storm.

Put-in-Bay Diary -Tues., Sept. 5th – Put-in-Bay mayor Mack McCann goes before a visiting judge on the mainland for his charges of driving without a license.

Put-in-Bay Diary-Wed., Sept. 6th – Funeral services are held for Stan Snider, Sr. at Maple Leaf Cemetery.

Put-in-Bay Diary -Thurs., Sept. 7th – Agents from the Attorney General’s Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation are on the island in force executing search warrants. They take documents from the Put-in-Bay Town Hall, police department and water plant, plus the offices of Mayor McCann and Todd Blumensaadt. Advance crews set up the canteen tent for the Boy Scouts who are camping on the Monument grounds for the weekend.

Put-in-Bay Diary -Fri., Sept. 8th – The Boy Scouts set up camp at Monument with tents galore. No rain for a change!

Put-in-Bay Diary- Sat., Sept. 9th – Around 850 Boy Scouts are on the island. That’s fewer than in year’s past. The Anthony Wayne Marching Generals from Whitehouse, Ohio, just might have been the largest high school band ever to march and play in a Historical Weekend grand parade. Stone Lab on Gibraltar Island holds an open house.

Put-in-Bay Diary- Sun., Sept. 10th – The Put-in-Bay Mossbacks play the Muffins in an old-fashion baseball game in the afternoon. Those who attended the last boat send-off party at the Lime Kiln (postponed from the week before) put a little over $1900 into the buckets that were passed around. The money is earmarked for the relief efforts underway for both Hurricane Harvey and Irma. Miller Boat Line matches this money.

Mon., Sept. 11th- The Put-in-Bay Chamber meets at Frosty Bar. The beautiful yacht “Enticer” docks at Fox’s Dock. She is 85 ft long, and built in Camden, ME by Mathis Yachts in 1935!

Tues., Sept. 12th- St. Paul’s is holding an open house highlighting its rich island history. A group of Fantasy Football League players meets at Frosty’s in the evening.

Wed., Sept. 13th- The grape pickers for Heineman Winery are picking Concord and Ives grapes.

Thurs., Sept. 14th-Tom and Paula Bartlett will be banding birds at the Barnhill’s Vineyard Bed and Breakfast. Anyone interested
is always invited to see how they do it. Several Middle hour at the Middle Bass General Store.

Fri., Sept. 15th – School pictures are being taken at the school. Besides the students, photos of all the island’s preschool children and newborns are taken so they can be in the yearbook, too. Sally Duffy and Chris Miller are out on a Put-in-Bay Golf Cart delivering shirts to the sponsors of the Miller Boat Line 5K. The line up of cars at the Catawba ferry dock calls for an extra boat that arrives at Put-in-Bay after dark.

Sat… Sept. 16th – Put-in-Bay High School 9th grader Blake Booker comes in 3rd overall in the Miller Boat Line 5K in the morning
and sets a new Put-in-Bay record. There is grape stomping and a pig roast over at JF Walleyes on Middle Bass.

Sun., Sept. 17th – The day is absolutely beautiful and many boaters and visitors linger into the evening before heading back to the mainland.

Mon., Sept 18th – The island is pelted with a nice rain in the morning. At the Senior Center, they are painting bowls donated by the Butterfly house while enjoying some pizza from Frosty Bar and beverages from the Island Beverage Center. The painted bowls are part of a fundraiser to feed the hungry.

Tues., Sept. 19th – Mark and Monk Nemec help Marsha Baumhart load a dumpster full of really big items that couldn’t be sold at the Resale Shop for love or money. The furniture building and the area alongside the museum are cleared out. Miller Boat Line holds its employee party at the Boardwalk’s Upper Deck. The theme of the party was “Cops and Robbers.”

Wed., Sept. 20th – Put-in-Bay Gazette columnist Larry Schrader is stretched out in his old green chair by the lake, dodging the acorns falling from the big oak and finishing writing his October’s column. Mother Mary Staley visited Bob Ramsbottom at Stein Hospice. She is also the American Legion Chaplain and took him prayers and greetings from Post 542 as well. The Put-in-Bay High School freshman girls have a volleyball game.

Thurs., Sept. 21st – There’s a beach clean up in the morning. The island’s American Legion members meet at the  Put-in-Bay Senior Center and then head to Tipper’s for lunch.

Fri., Sept. 22nd – The weather looks great again for the weekend and the mooring buoys in the harbor and docks are beginning to fill up just like the weekend before.

Sat., Sept. 23rd – Put-in-Bay Property Owners Assoc. members meet at the Senior Center to hear guest speakers from the Ohio Department of Public Safety, Ohio Investigative Unit (Drug and Alcohol): Eric Wolfe, Enforcement Commander and Shawn Tatter, Toledo Office. Ottawa County Sheriff Stephen Levorchick was also there and discussed support for the island during “Christmas in July.” The clambake at the Put-in-Bay  Vol. Fire Dept. filled many stomachs of those hankering for those great tasting clams. Hooligans’ big halfway to St. Patrick’s Day parade helped raise funds for the Red Cross in its efforts to help with hurricane relief.

Sun., Sept. 24th – The weather is July like. It’s a repeat of last Sunday. The Put-in-Bay harbor is filled most of the day with boats, and people aren’t leaving until they absolutely have to. There’s bird banding going on at the Middle Bass Island East Point Preserve.

Mon., Sept. 25th – The Village Council votes to hire an ozone consultant to guide and assist with the treatment in its water plant by the lake. Ozone reduces health problems associated with the algae blooms in the lake.

Tues., Sept. 26th – Mother Mary at St. Paul’s reports there were five island visitors walking on the labyrinth between 8 and 9 a.m. She sees people out there fairly often and when she can, she tries to talk with them. Among more than fifty people laying the foundation for a Great Lakes Coalition at Beaver Island from Put-in-Bay are Island Ambassador Peter Huston from the Chamber of Commerce and his wife Amy, Snake Lady Kristin Stanford, Steve Poe and Capt. Russ and Lisa Brohl, Jean and Mike Gora from Middle Bass.

Wed., Sept. 27th -Put-in-Bay High School’s cross country team stops for ice cream during their afternoon practice.

Thurs, Sept. 28th- Island business owners meet at the Boardwalk’s Upper Deck for an educational bunch and a presentation
from Booking to discuss increasing tourism and how Booking.com is supporting local accommodations. Retired
Cargo Net owners, Bill Timmerman and Bob Stone Visit Put-in-Bay for the day.

Fri. Sept. 29th – The Lake Erie Islands Historical Society holds its members meeting to elect officers and new board members.

Sat., Sept. 30th – Middle Bass Island Yacht Club at the MBI State Park Marina closes down for the season. The Crew’s Nest holds its close down party and is packed in spite of the chill in the air.