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Put-in-Bay Island Diary April 2018 What Did You Miss?

Diary April 2018  Sun., Apr. 1st – St. Paul’s Episcopal Church has a beautiful morning for its Easter Sunrise Service.

Diary April 2018  Mon., Apr. 2nd – There is no school for kids. It is part of the long Easter weekend vacation. A car is seen on the ferry with snow on it.

Diary April 2018 Tues., Apr. 3rd – Another day of no school for the island kids. Sarah Toole and Mary Ann Myers have lunch together at Tippers. There is light rain and thunder in the evening.

Diary April 2018  Wed., Apr. 4th – The Put-in-Bay Village Council meets in the morning to set the agenda for the seven-day monthly meeting. The day is marked by high winds, near-freezing temperatures, and scattered snow showers. It isn’t exactly pleasant on the lake. In the afternoon, winds are over 40 miles an hour, and ferry service is suspended. Two new full-time Put-in-Bay police officers, Michael Woodside, and Carson Frase, are sworn in at the Town Hall.

Thurs., Apr. 5th – In the morning, an extra ferry is needed to bring all the vehicles to the island from Catawba. Paul and Nancy Kohrs is enjoying a pleasant afternoon checking out their yard at the old Reibel House, their island home of many years. Island kids enjoy playing a little basketball at the tennis court behind the school gym after school.

Fri., Apr. 6th – The Shirt Shack on Delaware Ave. is open. The Sonny S ferry to Middle Bass runs along the east side of Put-in-Bay due to the rough lake.

Sat., Apr. 7th – The Round House Bar is doing open interviews for summer employment on the island at the Lake Erie Shores & Island Center on Catawba. Island entertainer Pat Daily performs his final live show at Vosh in Lakewood. It was a hell of a run! Enjoy your retirement, Pat!

Sun., Apr. 8th – One of the Miller ferryboats is in use to help set 60+ buoys for the Camp Perry firing range impact area which extends out into the lake west of the islands. Rob Hard finishes putting together 100 new bikes at the Bike Shop. At Heineman Winery the crew is bottling Sauvignon Blanc. It’s one of the wines they will feature at Vintage Ohio South on May 12th!!

Mon., Apr. 9th – On this date back in 2009, a new electric line was being laid from South Bass to Middle Bass

Tues., Apr. 10th – The Put-in-Bay Village Docks Committee meets to review and discuss policies and procedures at its municipal docks. The purchase of automated pay stations was also addressed, but that won’t happen this year. Three dozen people attend an ethics program at Town Hall put on by the State. The Put-in-Bay Volunteer Fire Dept. finally has some nice evening weather, allowing them to get out and do some hose advancement lessons and pump operations without icing up the surface and risking injury! There’s Lego fun at the library.

Wed., Apr. 11th – Immediately following the Village Council meeting, elected officials meet with the State Auditors to discuss the recent audit of the Village. There are some issues, many of which have already been addressed.

Thurs., Apr 12th – The April Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce meeting is held at the Town Hall and is followed by the State of the Island event. More than 20 community leaders speak on topics of interest and concern. Patrick Myers broadcast the State of the Island live on WPIB for those who cannot attend in person.

Fri., Apr. 13th – The Village of Put-in-Bay’s Water & Sewer Committee holds a meeting to review and discuss utility billing policies and procedures.

Sat., Apr. 14th – Gary and Becky Kowalski celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary at a party at Town Hall. There’s water over the road by Put-in-Bay Yacht Club and in front of the Crew’s Nest. You were a brave soul at the Monument if you drove your car to East Point. Cars looked like boats driving through the water there. Forget turning around at the end of East Point by the painted blocks.

The water is deep, and sand and stone starting to collect in the turnaround. Can get to the turnaround on East Point. Miller Boat Line employees Bree Reynolds, David Dress, Mark Lekanka, Mark Kaiser, Brian Woischke, and Cory Wisniewski spend the night on two ferries riding comfortably in Stone Cove at the State Park. The wind and water are almost calm there. Because of the rough conditions, the boats had to be moved from the Lime Kiln. This internet post from a few days later seems rather humorous in retrospect.

Diary April 2018- Sun., Apr. 15th – They could have used a “no wake zone” sign in front of the Monument due to high water! The fire hydrant closest to Dairy Isle is completely under water! There is damage to the hydraulic ramp lift on the east side of the Lime Kiln ferry dock. Billy Market takes breakfast and lunch to the crews on two of the ferryboats that are riding out the high water storm in Stone Cove at the State Park.

Mon., Apr. 16th – Put-in-Bay Ferry service resumes as repairs are made at the Lime Kiln dock. The strong west winds make it difficult to use the undamaged west side of the dock and at least one trip is made from the downtown dock to Catawba until repairs are made. The Wine Club meets at the Put-in-Bay Winery every Monday night from 5 to 7 p.m. and is open to all.

Tues., Apr. 17th – There is snow on car tops, lawns and roofs in the morning even though the overnight temperature didn’t dip below
freezing. Dustin Heineman celebrates his 30th birthday with family and friends at Heineman Winery. There is a pretty fancy cake for the surprise occasion.

Wed., Apr. 18th – It’s Indian Winter on the Island – another day of un-springlike cold temperatures that make it hard to believe the 2018 season is soon to begin.

Thurs., Apr. 19th – Sixth graders at Put-in-Bay School participate in a mock trial which involving fairy tale character Cinderella, her stepmother and stepsisters and other characters. The jury, consisting of fourth and fifth graders sides with Cinderella in a 7-2 decision that she should be paid for the hard chores she was forced to do without compensation by her stepmother and stepsisters.

Ottawa County Probate/juvenile court magistrate Danita Gilbert Conway presided over the hearing. The Put-in-Bay Village Council meets to discuss options for the use of the Frederick property on Erie St. which it purchased last year. A public hearing will be held to go over the options that are being discussed by Village officials.

Diary April 2018 Fri., Apr. 20th – Finally, a nice spring-like day on Put-in-Bay. Tickets for the Rascal Flatts concert here on the island at the end of August, officially go on sale.

Sat., Apr. 21st – The Put-in-Bay Volunteer Fire Dept. is hosting the Northwestern Ohio Volunteers Firemen’s Association Department’s pre-convention meeting. About 100 people are involved. Among the speakers is Put-in-Bay Chamber of Commerce President Brad Ohlemacher who talks about the island. Members of the new Put-in-Bay High School sailing team head to Columbus for their first High School Regatta. The 13th Annual Island Pajama Party takes place at Mr. Ed’s.

Sun., Apr. 22nd – The Put-in-Bay Volunteer Firemen hold a fundraiser French Toast Breakfast at the fire station in the morning. A Mercy Saint Vincent helicopter lands at the ball diamond across from the fire station. Earth Day is celebrated at the Scheeff East Point Preserve in the morning. Those on hand learned about Purple Martins and tree swallows with Paula Ziebarth, plus they could view the new chimney swift tower built by Casey Carty and donated by Karen Jennings.

The shoreline is also cleaned up. Afterward, a group headed to the Jane Coates Wildflower Trail to pull invasive garlic mustard and to enjoy the first blooms of the Dutchman’s Breeches! A group of staff from the Goat heads to the Northern Haserot food show in Cleveland.

Mon., Apr. 23rd – Some of the Stone Lab staff deploy their water monitoring buoy just north of Gibraltar Island. Data from the buoy will update frequently. A group meets to discuss 2018 Island Green Week and how they can continue to make this a nice fun week for everyone.

Diary April 2018  Tues., Apr. 24th – It’s rainy most of the day, but some of the island women are still out getting their daily walks.

Wed., Apr. 25th – It’s foggy in the morning, but it’s sunny and spring-like by mid-afternoon. A few ladies from the Crew’s Nest are cleaning the old Lynn Schnoor/ Knabusch house on Bayview Ave. In the evening, the kids putting on the spring play are rehearsing at the Town Hall theatre.

Thurs., Apr. 26th – It’s a beautiful spring day. Across from Frosty’s in DeRivera Park, Matt Missy, a chainsaw artist with 23 years of experience from New London, OH, is working on a tree carving of Jose de Rivera on a large 16-foot high oak tree stump. Missi Kowalski and some of her science class students are out showing some love to their favorite “outdoor classroom” in an island woods on this beautiful sunny day. They picked up trash, pulled garlic mustard, identified plants, and discussed ecological relationships.

Fri., Apr. 27th – Ryan McBride heads to the Put-in-Bay Police Department to have his Put-in-Bay Rolling Pub vehicle inspected. Village officials are having a difficult time figuring out which ordinances regulate the operation that he started last season. The Put-in-Bay Tree Commission holds an Arbor Day celebration in the downtown park late afternoon.

Mojito Bay opens for the 2018 season. The Island Arbor Day celebration occurs at the Village end of the downtown park. An oak tree is planted in memory of Danny French, who died shortly after a motor scooter accident last fall here on the island. You can tell from all the cars parked downtown that the season has begun.

Sat., Apr. 28th – The annual AllSportFUN Browns Backers Draft Day 5K takes place in the morning. The race is Cleveland Browns-themed. The Put-in-Bay High School students enjoy their prom night. Craig Cox and Sharon Gronowski, who own the cottage closest to Bathing Beach, are married on one of the Miller ferries. The ceremony is followed by a reception at the Boardwalk.

Sun., Apr. 29th – Susan Hildebrandt and Barb Hunter from the Put-in-Bay Garden Club meet at the Put-in-Bay Yacht Club to discuss the club’s flower beds. We’re guessing it was a seedy discussion!

Diary April 2018 Mon., Apr. 30th – A perfect-weather day ends April. Twenty-four of April’s 30 days had below-normal seasonal high temperatures.


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